Update on “Trump is a Globalist”

Just after his inaugural speech, Lamb’s Harbinger wrote the article, “Is Trump Octavian?,” which was somewhat on the heels of  “Trump is a Globalist.” One becomes hard pressed to find agreement with the assertions made in those articles among political conservatives. Yet, patterns emerge, which show this POTUS is aggressively Globalist in his international agendas. The question is not if Trump is a globalist but what classification of globalist is he… one that believes in the USA’s  “glorious [manifest] destiny” within a USA/UN/EU/UfM New World Order, or not.

Matters discussed in the previous article demand update. 

Trump/Russia Relations

The once Putin-friendly Donald is no longer so. That change happened suddenly in April, at the same time China went from economic thug status to the President’s new muse. Perhaps “suddenly” is too strong a word, because this flip-flop did follow the slow burning turmoil of resignation by national security advisor, Michael Flynn. With the “about face” on Russia, it appeared The Donald no longer held interest in Putin. 

However, the Flynn turmoil continues and  reaches not only into Russia’s affairs but also into Iran’s and Turkey’s. Was Flynn an operative of Turkey (See also Newsweek)? Is this why Erdogan is pushing for Gülen’s extradition, and is said extradition an incentive for Turkey’s investments in the US? Readers will remember Flynn resigned over a debacle, which included his discussing Russian sanctions with Russian officials. The Russia drama increases, with the firing of (now) former FBI Director, James Comey, who was allegedly fired for not ceasing investigation into the Flynn/Russia scandal. Comey—under oath—denies there was a memo requesting his cessation. Who knows?! The Flynn/Comey matter might have blown over (or at least, not gotten spotlights), if not for Trump’s gloating to Russian officials about having fired the “nut job” Comey & the resultant relief of not being under investigation. And then, there’s this:

All of this leads up to saying Trump’s departure from Russia in April is potentially short-lived. In the next hours and days, Trump will review sanctions on Russia, while at upcoming the G-7 summit.

Cohn says he expects Russia to be a topic during the two-day summit. Pressed on what specifically the White House was looking into on sanctions, Cohn would only say that Trump has “many options.” (Washington Post, May 25, 2017)

Did Trump really abandon Russia? Will he seek to ease sanctions against Russia, and so, award them Crimea/Ukraine? Only time will tell of what options Cohn hints. Whatever the case may be, Russia is not changing any of Trump’s truly globalist agendas. If POTUS can accomplish what he wants without Russia, why not dump Putin? But, until we see what comes of Trump’s G-7 sanctions review, this is what Russia is saying:

Trump’s NATO Policy “Change”

One thing is certain, Trump is throwing his weight around with NATO like Russia is right about NATO’s existing for US control of Europe.

Meanwhile, Russia and Turkey (an effectively  “former” NATO country) open trade and other relations

    How does POTUS respond?

    Peace & Safety from Terrorism via Multi-national, Multi-faith Unity

    See also:Trump to Unveil New Peace Plan? And Gulf states warm to Israel, see possibility of Palestinian peace deal

    Trump’s Moves US Embassy to Jerusalem



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