Reforming the Professional Ministry Paradigm

Followers of Lamb’s Haringer will recall many posts over the last 2-3 years, which call for a reformation of pastoral, professional ministry. At the time of posting this blog article, the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation dawns. Yet, those reformers and dissenters did not push their reform to the matter of church polity/governance. For too long, American Christianity has followed the model set forward by Europe and Rome concerning professional clergy… a thing Jesus and the Apostles never demonstrated. The error has led to:

  • Denominations, Bible colleges and universities as centers of spiritual authority and societal influence (especially among Christian thought) above the effective function of the local church.
  • A resultant looking to charisma, credentials & “professional experience” as the determining factor in choosing church leadership, rather than also looking for emotional, relational & spiritual maturity.
  • Lording over God’s heritage by organizational hierarchy, leading to more than a few spiritual and even criminal abuses.
  • A consumerism in church-goers and corporate structuring and marketing (branding & traffic creation / maintenance) by leaders.
  • A dearth of spiritually mature Christians from quenching and grieving the Spirit (the One who directs and empowers His gifts to the Church)
  • A love/service of money &/ or notariety (power/influence/commercial prominence) among “men of God.”

I merely call for a reformation of that corrupt model in exchange for the authentic one, as is detailed in the posts below:

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