Reforming the Professional Ministry Paradigm

Followers of Lamb’s Haringer will recall many posts over the last 2-3 years, which call for a reformation of pastoral, professional ministry. For too long, American Christianity has followed the model set forward by Europe and Rome concerning professional clergy… a thing Jesus and the Apostles never demonstrated. The error has led to:

  • Denominations, Bible colleges and universities as centers of spiritual authority and sociopolitical influence above the local church
  • A resultant looking to charisma, credentials & “professional experience” as the determining factor in choosing church leadership, rather than also looking for emotional, relational & spiritual maturity.
  • Lording over God’s heritage by organizational hierarchy, leading to more than a few spiritual and even criminal abuses.
  • A consumerism in church-goers and corporate structuring and marketing (branding & traffic creation / maintenance) by leaders.
  • A dearth of spiritually mature Christians from quenching and grieving the Spirit (the One who directs and empowers His gifts to the Church)
  • A love/service of money &/ or notariety (power/influence/commercial prominence) among “men of God.”

I merely call for a reformation of that corrupt model in exchange for the biblical one, as is detailed in the posts below:

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