Twisting the cross: The deadly theology of white supremacy | Religion News Service

“When we miss the central message of God’s love, the sacred cross can get twisted into something profane, even evil. Some of the most horrifying things in history have happened at the hands of Christians with poisonous theology, divorced from grace. It’s what happened with Hitler and the Holocaust. It was the case with slavery and the lynching of black folks in the United States. It’s the story of the Ku Klux Klan. It’s behind the abortion bombers, and the Inquisition, and the Crusades. And it’s bad theology that is being used to justify white supremacy today…

Bad theology is dangerous. Bad theology gets people killed.

As a Christian who worships the loving, forgiving Savior on a cross, I find it particularly troubling when the cross is used as a weapon to justify racism, hatred and violence — the very stuff I’m convinced Jesus came to heal the world of. And as one who worships a browned-skinned Arab Jew from Palestine who spoke Aramaic and died with love on his lips … I am sickened when I see neo-Nazis try to baptize their bigotry.

After the KKK threatened protestors in Ferguson following the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown, I was in Ferguson, and I went on the KKK’s website. I was disturbed, not just by the overt hatred spewed there, but by the theology that backed it up. They were invoking Christ in their threats — and so I did a little snooping. Not only did their threats in Ferguson invoke God’s blessing, but their entire website was sprinkled with how God blessed their activities. One part in particular caught my attention: Under the heading “Tradition,” I found one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen — a theological explanation of why KKK members set the cross on fire in those iconic images of lynchings and hate-filled mobs.

This is the statement from the KKK website:

The lighted cross of The Knights is no different than the average church that has a lighted cross either on top or in front of their church building. The light of the cross symbolizes the Light of Christ dispelling darkness and ignorance. It is the fire of the cross that reminds us of the cleansing “fire” of Christ that cleanses evil from our land. The fiery cross is a symbol that has long been popular with the Christian faith. … We don’t burn the cross, we light the cross. We recognize that Christ is the light of the world. The lighted cross is a symbol of freedom — freedom from sin — freedom from tyranny. When a Klansman or Klanswoman participates in a cross lighting ceremony they are making a public declaration to Jesus Christ of their continued commitment to the Christian faith.

But that’s the KKK. Most bad theology is more subtle than that. White supremacy doesn’t always wear a hood and carry a Confederate flag. Most twisted theology is much sneakier. It creeps in when church choirs stop singing “On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand” and begins singing hymns about making America great again, as they did in First Baptist Dallas. It comes out of the closet when white evangelicals like Jerry Falwell call President Trump the “dream president” or as televangelist Paula White put it: “Trump has been raised up by God” for such a time as this. This too, is dangerous theology that’s more distinctively white than it is Christ-like. So we have to keep our sniffers on…”




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2 thoughts on “Twisting the cross: The deadly theology of white supremacy | Religion News Service

  1. Steen

    Nonsense. If anything is bad theology, it it is defending diversity and globalism in the name of Christianity. For the antichrist to arrive on the scene globalism and diversity are a necessity, for instance. And God certainly didn’t create actual diversity (with distinct races and nations having their own distinct cultures and countries … and men being men and women women) for humans to destroy diversity by abolishing it through ‘mulitculturalism’ and gender ideology. Furthermore, what’s even more bad theology is the childish notion that Christ came to “heal the world of racism, hatred, violence” – that’s children’s bible theology. Christ never suggested anything of the sort, not even close. His kingdom is not of this earth. God knows the world is what it is and it won’t change. Christ will help us to save our souls, but He didn’t come to carry out the liberal or conservative (with small c) political agendas. I find it sick when people try to justify the forced repopulation of Europe and America and the silencing of the (white or native European) opposition because of their infantile “white guilt” version of Christianity, it is still genocide … as well as the rape, the looting and the murdering. Stop hijacking Christianity for your own non-Christian political agendas, please. It’s quite ironic the author accuses his opponents of doing exactly that, I suppose


    1. You are clearly confusing your pet peeve with the writer’s valid exposé on the bad and twisted theology of white supremacists. You bring up topics he never addresses, nor fit the scope of his article. Biblicist Christianity can reject both aberrant, racist theology (like Hitler’s and like Christian Identity—white supremacy theology) AND uni-culturalism/globalism. These are not mutually exclusive, as you apparently and erroneously think. In fact, this blog has posted many articles against globalism and the NWO or “one world” system. I do agree with you that multiculturalism and globalism are necessary for the antichrist regime to be possible; but, again, the Bible NEVER teaches supremacy of any race, not Jews, not whites, not blacks or any other minority. See Romans and Galatians for proof. See also this article:

      For examples of how this blog exposes one world religion, one world government, etc. simply enter those terms and similar terms (UN, UfM, EU, New World Order, Chrislam, All the Same) in the “search box” near the top of the page. I challenge you to read this article as well: “Geopolitical Engineering at Its “Best””


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