How to Fulfill the Great Commission

Fulfilling the Great Commission = Making Disciples (declaring/teaching, baptizing, becoming like Jesus) — Matthew 28:19-20

>You don’t have to be perfect to make disciples of Jesus. So stop focusing on how sinful you are, and instead focus on how great, good and glorious Jesus is!

>You don’t have to know everything to make disciples of Jesus. So, stop focusing on how little you know or how afraid you are, and just be confident in God’s ability to work in you and through you!

Here’s what you HAVE to do to make disciples:

>BE A DISCIPLE OF JESUS YOURSELF: you need to be learning from Him, His words and His works/ways of life …from the example of a mature believers and from the Word. Embrace the changes in you that God will bring! Commit to learning the sayings of Jesus. Learn what he did in certain situations and why. Have a plan! If you need one, see a Pastor.

>BE REAL & RELATIONAL TO OTHERS: decide to build relationships and expand your life impact by:

—Pursuing your genuine interests and hobbies that involve others (ex. Groups, inviting others).

—Serving others in need within the community… not just with money donations but with time spent with others (ex. Teaching to read, tutoring; teaching a trade or life skill, lending tools and aid to those in emergency). If this requires joining a community service group, look to develop relationships with other members of that group too!

—Using your job or retirement from a career as a platform for meeting people.

—Opening your house for visitors and those in need

>AGREE TO LISTEN TO THE HOLY SPIRIT: when he prompts you or influences you to step out of your comfort zone, so that you speak the words of Jesus or do the works of Jesus, no matter the result or consequence. Living like Jesus must be mixed with speaking about Jesus. Pray to clearly recognize His promptings and influence on you. Commit ahead of time to giving into those promptings and influence.

>REALIZE DISCIPLESHIP IS NOT A PROGRAM OR SET OF FORMAL LESSONS: someone who is learning the words and works of Jesus from you is a disciple of Jesus. If the person is open to God’s influence through you, then they are a disciple.

>RECOGNIZE 2 KINDS OF DISCIPLES: there are believing disciples and not-yet believing disciples. The believing ones get baptized, and Jesus is patient with the not-yet believing disciples. (Ex. Peter, Doubting Thomas, all of the 12 Disciples; John 16:12)

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