3 Biblical Foundations for a Future, Physical Kingdom


A. the purpose of the Church—“to provoke Israel (disbelieving, ethnic) to jealousy.” (i.e. to claim again their God and the Covenant, due to demonstration of the blessings by the Church, spiritual Israel)

B. the “the full inclusion”—the fact the ancient northern 10 tribes (Israel) never returned from exile as did Judah; and so, all Israel (12 ancient Tribes) must be saved (redeemed) as the holy nation among the heathen (fallen-spirits-ruled) nations, the inheritance of Messiah Yeshua,… being brought together as the Theocracy fully restored.

C. a purified priesthood to serve vetted nations: post-exile, post-2nd Temple promises of a refined and restored Levitical priesthood that offer actual sacrifices.

The Purpose of the Church

—(Acts 15:14-18) “A People for His Name,” which people—according to James’ view—are the result (or the equivalent) of God having rebuilt the “tent of David” via believing Jews (put into Judah via Jesus) spreading the Good News of the New Covenant (i.e. “a restoration of the Jewish nation to spiritual life in the end time: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.gotquestions.org/amp/tabernacle-of-David.html)

—(Romans 11) ”Salvation has come to the Gentiles in order to make (national, disbelieving) Israel jealous.” YHWH has not rejected the ethnic Jews. His acceptance of the ethnic Jews as a people is now represented in a faithful remnant of ethnic, Messianic (believing) Jews.

The Full Inclusion

But also, from Romans 11, we notice there is a “full inclusion” to come (v. 12 ESV). And so, God warns believing Gentiles not to think they are better [as the ingrafted branches] than the ethnic Jews (non-believing). Ethnic Israel (as a nation) is now under a partial hardening (i.e. some believing, some disbelieving), only until the “fullness of the Gentiles has come in,” …from which one gathers that God knows when enough is enough for His work among the Gentiles (Matthew 24:14; Mark 13:10). Regarding that fullness, it will be the phenomenon by which simultaneously or consequently “all Israel” (as in, all definitions of Israel—spiritual, ethnic & national) is saved.

To put it more simply, when the fullness of the Gentiles comes in, then within that number will be representatives from each of the ancient 12 tribes, which were scattered throughout the world. Particularly the 10 ancient northern tribes that were never brought back into the Land from their exile (722/721 B.C.) will be represented. Quite literally, some from “all Israel” will be saved in the spiritual sense….

A Refined & Restored Priesthood to Serve Vetted Nations

…. YET ALSO, by Psalm 14:7; 53:6, Isaiah 59:20-21, a promised (national) salvation comes out of Zion and is for Israel (being “those in Jacob,” or ethnic descendants of the man Jacob/Israel: e.g. “Let Jacob rejoice, let Israel be glad”).

Only this dual-functioning phenomenon—end of God’s work among the Gentiles AND redemption of Israel as a nation—can account for Paul’s comparisons in Romans 11, vv. 12 & 15, and especially his “if” clause in v. 23… wherein we note that belief (by once disbelieving ethnic, national Jews/Israelites) is requisite for their re-grafting into the (2) branches of the “Olive Tree” (cf. Zechariah 4:12-14). [National Israel and the Church are the 2 branches of the Olive Tree which stands by the Lord in the Earth; the First was taken out, so the Second could be grafted in & at the removal of the second (Pre-Wrath Rapture?), the First will have been grafted in again.]

YHWH not only made a covenant with Abraham, He also made covenant with Jacob. Special attention should be given to the name Jacob being turned to Israel… because as national Israel have tried to obtain the blessing through trickery and trespass, they will—one day—obtain it through asking for the promised blessing through the Angel of the YHWH, Yeshua of Nazareth (Zech 12:10). The Levites will be purified to offer sacrifices once again (Malachi 3:3). And the nations will be selected to enter the Kingdom (Matthew 25:33).

It is disingenuous to question the re-institution of sacrifices during the Millennial rule of Jesus, because:

1. The Book of Hebrews’ “once for all” is about efficacy of Messiah’s atonement, not its exclusion of any future sacrifices that serve as a memorialization by the hands of the future faithful.

2. The Millennial Kingdom sacrifices are about legal harmony within the renewed Theocracy; i.e. Israel as it always should have been, leading the nations in Edenic Theocratic harmony, as originally intended, under the spiritual rulership of Messiah and His Bride, the Church.

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