What a Woman (or She-Elf) Can Do

For all my LOTR fandom friends:

Postulate: the real hero of the books is not Sam, Frodo, Gandalf (Grey or White) or Aragorn. Rather the hero of the books is the HEROINE, Arwen!!

Evidence: Firstly, Arwen preserves Frodo at Weathertop. By all right, both Frodo & Aragorn had failed. But secondly and more persuasively, without Arwen’s courage that comes from her devoted love, she would never have confronted the fearful and self-preserving limits placed on her by Elrond. She would not have believed and followed the vision of life (a son) in her possible future. But, because SHE selflessly believed in her love of Aragorn and in his future, she bound her light and living graces (contradistinctively) to that of the Ring’s fate. If it died, she would live. If it lived, she would die. Above all that, her decision to believe in Aragorn alone can account for Elrond’s motivation to re-forge the shards of Narsil into Anduril. The sword represents the restored line of Elendil and Isildur, Kings of Gondor. For Aragorn himself to take up and remake the shards of Narsil would mean his fall to the same hubris that broke the line of the kings. But, for the elf king to remake it and bequest Aragorn’s throne right means Aragorn was not a self-made man. Without Arwen, Aragorn remains Strider, ranger of the Dúnedain.

It was the selfless love of a she elf that restored the line of Isildur. It was her love that summoned the treacherous dead under the mountain, who would otherwise answer to no one and who believe in nothing. It was Arwen’s devotion that foresaw and secured an heir for Aragorn (which is needed for unifying a monarchical kingdom). It was Arwen’s healing graces that preserved Frodo like none other. And Arwen’s Love saved many races besides her own from unending darkness.

Never underestimate the power of selfless devotion!!

*[Favorite line from Arwen in LOTR movies: “If you want him, come and claim him.”] 👈🏻 she fierce

Tolkien, Lewis & Christ

C. S. Lewis’ Emeth: An Illustration of Inclusive Salvation

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