Peter Gurry’s Brief List of Text Criticism Resources

In Peter Gurry’s recent review of Fragments of Truth, the FaithLife documentary film on the reliability of the Christian New Testament’s underlying documents, Mr. Gurry provides a truly helpful list of readily accessible, scholarly resources that allow one to come to their own conclusion about the dependability and authenticity of the Bible.

▪ Best places to see images of NT manuscripts: CSNTM and the NT.VMR

▪ Craig Evans on how long the NT autographs were in use (This one spurred some online discussion. See reactions from Pete Head, Mike Kruger, and Brice Jones)

▪ Dan Wallace on variants and how many matter (and at a more popular level)

▪ Simon Gathercole on the earliest Gospel titles and the earliest title of Matthew

▪ Larry Hurtado on manuscripts as artifacts

▪ Chuck Hill on the fourfold Gospel

▪ David Trobisch on the first edition of the NT

▪ David Parker on the living text of the Gospels and on Codex Bezae

▪ Bart Ehrman’s Misquoting Jesus (reviewed here) and his book on “orthodox corruptions”

▪ The ISBE entry on agrapha

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