Seminary Education—Myth and Reality – Faithlife TV [Video]

Truth doesn’t need permission. Questions are important—and allowed. Dr. Michael S. Heiser discusses uncomfortable questions with cohost Johnny Cisneros.

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Dr. Mike Heiser brings some very strong arguments for churches training faithful people for ministry in-house, instead of the broken system of Seminary. This message could not be more timely, in light of current trends in Seminaries closing and new impending government laws/restrictions on Christian discipleship.

The only thing I would tweak of Heiser’s view is that a Presbytery recognizes those already doing their called ministry, instead of 1 or even a few staff pastors making a determination of who is “ready” or “official.” I define Presbytery as a group of gifted church leaders (elders) from 1 or more local churches, who fast and pray and lay on hands in order to recognize the matured calling & gifting of a person, who already has been consistently effectively doing the works of Jesus and spreading the words of Jesus within the Body and outside it.



Reforming the Professional Ministry Paradigm

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