To Change the World – Greg Boyd – ReKnew

Jesus’s kind of justice (as introduced in the previous post) has more power to transform lives than any of the traditional political approaches where we try to attain power to change the government.

For instance, imagine what would happen if white kingdom people chose to reverse the white dominance of American culture and, in a variety of ways, placed themselves in service to nonwhites? What if white Christians entered into solidarity with nonwhites and made the struggles of nonwhites their own? What if they used their position of privilege not for their own gain but to support and empower those who are not like them.

What if kingdom people didn’t make themselves dependent on government to resolve racial tensions, but rather assumed responsibility to eradicate centuries of cultural racism in this country in their own lives, in the life of their own congregations, and in the lives of those in their community? What would happen if Christian individuals and entire congregations were intentional in proclaiming—with their lives—that a central reason Jesus died was to reverse the divisions that started with Babel (Gen 11) and to tear down walls of hostility between people (Eph 2:14-16)….

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