Counseling, Immigration, and the Politics of the Gospel | Theopolis Institute | Bible. Liturgy. Culture.

In April of this year, President Trump issued a zero-tolerance border policy that separated families, specifically children from their parents who had crossed the USA/Mexico border be it illegally or as asylum seekers. In mid-June, Trump dropped this policy of splitting up families, however there are still children who are separated from their parents because of that policy. Furthermore, Trump’s new policy allows families crossing the border to be indefinitely detained in USA holding facilities.

This is a problem, and it is not only a problem for presidents, senators, and political philosophers to figure out. This is an issue that every Christian in America must speak and act in light of the politics of the gospel. In this article, we will attend to this gospel speech and action. First, we will examine how Christians might counsel our fellow US citizens and national government in which the gospel is the first and final word and natural human rights are the second and center word of our speech. Next, we will attend to how Christians in America might act in concrete ways that show the world that the church’s identity as brothers and sisters adopted into God’s family and Christ’s body trumps every natural tie to biological family and national citizenship….

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