Tattoos, Debt, and Virginity: What Does the Bible Actually Say to Women? —Jill Lin | Jesus Creed

…Instead of telling women to avoid college and assuming college to be nothing more than a road to debt, secularism, promiscuity, and loss of faith, let’s encourage women to seek out God’s call on their lives and use their gifts for his glory, whether that includes college and career or not.

Instead of telling women they’re too weak and need a male mediator to understand and keep their faith, remind them that they have one High Priest and that the Spirit indwells them as their guide and counselor.

Instead of telling women their value lies solely in their wifehood or motherhood, let’s affirm that their value is in being a child of the King.

Instead of telling women to pursue godliness and the disciplines of fiscal responsibility, service to others, and sexual purity in order to attract a Christian man, let’s encourage women to pursue God because the Bible encourages us to seek him first.

And let’s do the same for men.

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