The Church has No Right (or Left)

“The Church” should be prescriptive only for those within it. In other words, STOP trying to tell (or force) disbelievers to live according to your faith and/or morals.

Christofascism can be both “right” and “left,” and both instances are wrong, every time! If only Christianity would remember it has NO moral “jurisdiction” outside itself—no right to force society; and that, government has jurisdiction inside Christian communities, except for things sacrilegious to the Faith (Acts 5:29; 1 Corinthians 5:9-13)

This is not to say Christianity cannot influence society organically and relationally, only that, if Christianity begins to force society legislatively, it has become the tool of Satan, not God.

There are many passages, which declare a difference in identity between believers & disbelievers, as well as a subsequent difference in lifestyle that flows from that difference in identity.
1 Cor. 5:9-13 & 6:9-11
Galatians 2:20 & 5
2 Peter 1:4
Ephesians 2:1-2, 5:8-9
Romans 8

It is, therefore, unreasonable and unwarranted for Christians to expect or demand the life of a disbeliever match that of a believer.

But, no, ancient Israelites never expected non-Israelites to keep their national Law. And, not even the ancient Israelites believed one could use keeping the law to merit favor with YHWH. The Law only served to show one’s utter lack of merit and need for YHWH’s salvation.

Paul discusses this at length in Romans 3-7. The Law did not make Israel more fit for salvation.

And, the Apostles at Jerusalem and Paul were very sure to fight against Judaizers, who demanded keeping the Law, in order to be in the New Covenant. It was an error from the start!

To be clear at the risk of tedium. Even Christians are not now under the Law but under grace (accessed through the law of faith) which leads us to live out the Law of Christ—that we love others (even enemies) as God loves us in Christ Jesus, forgiving us all of every evil.

It is better to say that Christians should live by the fruit of the Spirit, against which there is no law (Gal. 5). Otherwise, we run the risk of reliance on the law (to judge ourselves and others), instead of following the Spirit. Of course, disbelievers would follow their society’s laws but believers should always go by the law of Christ, which will account for every proper and just law that humanity can set for a society.

Paul always contrasted the life and fruit of the Spirit against the works of the flesh to show Christians the difference between the old self and the believer’s new creature identity “in Christ.” Again, those without this identity must not be forced or coerced to live it out.

Christianity should not make concerted efforts to push #Christofascist agendas (#theonomy, #dominion, #Reconstructionism), like Muslim #Sharia. Instead, they should focus on solidarity and wholeness within itself (where it has normative “jurisdiction”), not outside itself.

I believe there is a way too. But to accomplish that through use of government & politics has gotten us where we are today. Instead, let the churches practice civil disobedience & accept the consequences, as at the inception in the Roman Empire… and as Daniel in Babylon.

Such a posture looks a lot like the Underground Railroad or Anne Frank. It takes no political entanglement to feed the hungry, hide/protect the hunted, free the captive/trafficked, clothe the naked, visit/care for the sick and orphaned and bereft.

It takes no legislation to live in faithful relationship with another. No law is required to give to those who ask or love ones neighbor (and enemies) as one’s self.

We need to live in deed as well as words; if Christians are to mobilize, let it not be for gaining a Moral Majority, but for being a voice to the voiceless and rescue for oppressed.

The Kingdom of Heaven (light) is nothing like the kingdoms of mankind (darkness). It cannot be legislated in or out of existence. It is transcendent. Besides, we have already examined in this thread that Christianity is properly understood not by the OT Law but by “a new and living Way.”

Please consider studying Paul’s explanation of how all of this works itself out in varied societal platforms: 1 Corinthians 9:18-25

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