A Crystal Clear Statement on Gay and Lesbian Marriage

Precursory Statement on LGBTQIA

Shaming/guilting and shunning LGBTQ+ within reparative and conversion therapies is always wrong. Instead, we all should focus on identity exchange and spiritual health (See also, HERE). I firmly and clearly state that LGBTQA persons can be/are born with their sexual orientation latent. Also, although there are only two biological sexes (male and female in chromosomes), and even though there are a minority of persons born with both chromosomes, there is however a great continuum of expressions of masculinity and femininity, and no one should be doubted or ridiculed for self-identifying their own gender expression, as if all should be cookie cutter, complementarian, he-men and mousy, domestic goddess women/mothers. Conversely, it is abusive to pigeonhole males as feminine (and therefore gay) or females as masculine (and therefore lesbian), just because they do not conform precisely to conventional gender stereotypes. It is no one’s right, responsibility or God-given task to judge another self-righteously and especially hypocritically. No one should take it upon themselves to “fix” another.

Covenant Relationships

When it comes to relationships, unconditional acceptance and focus on growing in the grace of a common identity “in Christ” is how all believers should treat each other. Paul spoke of voting a member out of faith community (1 Cor. 5), only when the person’s actions made disbelievers think Christians have no boundaries, honor or genuine love (i.e. “law of Christ,” 1 Cor. 9:20-23). The same approach should be taken in every society across time. Christian relationships should be recognizably honorable to a society’s norms, selflessly loving and covenant keeping. Since the 1970s especially, western society (formerly ruled by illegitimate state-church religion, quasi-theocracy, theonomy; a.k.a. institutionalized legalism) has been recognizing the atrocities and bigotry waged against Queer persons. Accordingly, protections and liberties have been being recognized.

It is better to marry than to burn [with desire, outside of covenant]. 1 Cor. 7:9 (brackets mine for context)

I don’t marry gay and lesbian or hetero couples, partly because I reject institutional “Churchianity,” with its authoritarian, man-made regulations and hierarchy, conflated to the kingdom & law of God; but also, I believe Christian marriage is itself a religious tradition, which Roman state religion and European feudal church-states exploited for courtly control and for monetary gain, for thousands of years. I refuse to marry both heterosexual couples and all other couples, because the most ancient view in both Hebrew & non-Hebrew nations was sex = consummated, ratified covenant; individuals and families pronounced such betrothals & unions.^

There are no New Testament passages, which speak of necessary marriage ceremonies for non-Hebrew nations, only of guidance on what those already in relationship should do. Jesus’ words in the Gospels speak contextually to those, who were–at the time, under the Law of Moses and asking questions regarding said theocratic law, in order to trap Jesus into indictment by said law. His words do reveal God’s original design, but the Cross of Christ is testament of God fulfilling a reconciling of all things to himself with the vantage that one day, all things will be made new. Until that day, we all take the steps we can and no one should judge another, to the disregard of them as God’s servant alone (Romans 14). The Apostles’ letters give guidance only to those already in relationships, and some of those passages archaically discuss the literal ownership of a man’s virgin daughter as property (1 Cor. 7). This is due both to progress of revelation and societal contexts^ of both slavery and a Roman father’s proprietary ownership (even to kill) of his children. [Sadly, 14-15 year old female children were/are often married] So, timeless ethical principles (adult informed consent, covenant) must be gathered and the rest relegated to antiquity.

I direct all couples to magistrates or Justices of the Peace for a legally binding contract, if such contracts are necessary, desired and available in a society. Christians should celebrate with fellow believers’ unions, because once a couple is married, then it is most assuredly God’s will for them to stay together, except in cases of abuse or grounds for irreconcilable breakage of the union.

Quieting Traditionalists’ Fears

To the traditionalists among us, who fear a “slippery slope” of approving of pedophiles and bestiality, I heartily uphold legal consent. Animals and children cannot adequately process (according to biological and psychological science), nor express, an adult and fully informed consent. For this same reason, sex education should be full disclosure but only at age-appropriate timing and along side the value of selfless love in covenant. Forcing children to comprehend and experiment with sexuality and explore gender before age-appropriate timing (self-actualization, hormonal balance, full formation of frontal lobe and fully pubescent) is a form of psychological and sexual abuse. Violating the will of fellow humans is to violate the Imago Dei. Rape and assault are always heinous and always wrong.


^Song of Solomon presents characters entering into sexual activity before a celebration/ceremony, such as admiration of specific erogenous zones and kisses of the mouth.

^The Sodom and Gomorrah account in Genesis is a condemnation of attempted rape and angel / human cohabitation, as well as the unrighteousness of oppression of the poor and greed ( ). Resultantly, the Hebrew code of national law (See Exodus, Leviticus and Deuteronomy, which was 600+ laws in addition to—or legal extrapolation of—the Decalogue) prohibited same sex relations. Said old covenant, theocratic law was superseded by “the law of Christ.” (See Hodge Podge with Flow) And Christ declared selfless love for God and neighbor to be the greatest commandment(s).


No, Being Gay (Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgender) is Not a Sin

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The Bible, Christianity and Homosexuality – GayChurch.org

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