Authentic Christianity is NOT a Religion; Jesus Abolished the 7 Pillars of Institutional Religion

Institutional clergy hate the fact that Jesus abolished institutional religion. They will fume and fight to defend the legitimacy of their institutional “position.” They often point to observances within traditional Churchianity, in an attempt to prove Christianity is indeed a religion. While genuine Christianity is a Way, following and participating in the life of Christ, this is FAR different than Churchianity’s claim that a Christian is one, who participates in/practices the life of the Church.

Jesus’ teachings and Way abolish institutional religion on all its 7 pillars.

  1. Monetization/Commercialization: Jesus cleansed the temple of money changers TWICE (John 2; Synoptic Gospels)
  2. Centralization: Jesus decentralized worship per discussion w/ Samaritan woman at the well (John 4:23-24)
  3. Politicization: Jesus’ rebukes, condemnation, silence to/refutations of Scribes of the Pharisees, High Priest, Sanhedrin, Herods & Rome’s Pilate were more than blatant (John 19:15; cf. Synoptic Gospels on Passion Week)
  4. Oaths / Allegiance: prohibited (Matthew 5:34-36)
  5. Obeisance: Jesus unequivocally prohibited reverential, religious titles like father, Rabbi, teacher, tying titles to the evil of abusive hierarchy (Matthew 23:8-12)
  6. Hierarchy: Jesus washed disciples’ feet, commanded them to do likewise & condemned authoritarianism (Matthew 20:26, 23:11-12; Mark 10:43; John 13:14)
  7. Public [Ostentatious] and Ritualistic Prayers & Giving/Sacrifice: Jesus strongly rejected and warned against praying & giving publicly for appearances and/or ritualistically (Matthew 6; 9:13)


The Love (Agapé) Feast is the Eucharist is the Lord’s Supper is Communion BUT is not a Ritual

East of Eden: the Origin, Evolution, and End of Religion | Bruxy Cavey — The Meeting House

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