The Love (Agapé) Feast is the Eucharist is the Lord’s Supper is Communion BUT is not a Ritual

Eating & drinking the Bread & Cup, while ostentatiously indulging one’s self AND denying the needy their necessary food is to eat & drink unworthily of Jesus’ words & deeds on the night he was given up. It’s a perversion. It is to eat & drink (celebrate) one’s own damnation.

Just as the Evangelical Church tradition has overemphasized cognitive assent to a message & lists of doctrines for access to salvation, the Sacramental Church tradition has overemphasized ritualism for the same. However, both have reduced “The Lord’s Table” or “Eucharist” to a ritual, be it in memorium or else. In reality, to the earlieat followers of That Way, the Agape Feast with its final cup, was a demonstration or an open show of how Christians should live among one another and in the world.

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