Why ALL Universalism is Heresy

All universalism is heresy. That is, it is anti-Christ in its various assertions, which is to say Universalism (in any of its forms) works systematically opposite of worshipping Jesus as THE active judge of the cosmos. Reducing Jesus’ statements about His role as universal Judge to Jesus’ acting as a combination of time dispensor and life coach to the disbelieving, while they exist hereafter (outside of space-time), is absurd on its face.

While this present life is indeed a dispensation of time, to learn of Christ, and while there is a valid case from the Bible’s textual evidence for inclusive salvation, orthodox Christianity must content itself with hoping everyone would turn toward God and place faith in Christ.


Universalism and “The Devil’s Redemption”

On Freedom and Universal Salvation | Experimental Theology

Musings About Universalism, Part 2: Volitional Integrity and Hell as Groundhog Day

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