Theosis: Participating in the Life of Jesus to be Made like Him

We often rely on sectarian institutions to assure ourselves that we are right.

What if it is not about being right? What if it is about growing in grace & in experiential knowledge of Jesus’ Life (words & deeds), & his new/singular command: love one another as I loved you.

You can know what Jesus said or did. But until you experience those actions & words (from a believer or by doing/saying them yourself), you will not have grown in Jesus’ grace or experiential knowledge of him. When you do participate in His Life, it is transformative & redemptive. In this we know the Person & Work of the Holy Spirit, who always influences us to participate in Jesus’ Life.

For those, who follow The Way of Jesus, we cannot possibly express all of His Life in our individuality. However, because each of us is able to express an aspect, a fractional representation of His Life in our lives, then together we can form a more nearly comprehensive view of Him for one another & to the world. This is the Church.

Instead of criticizing one another, let us look on each other & learn to search for something which leads us to say, “That word/deed is like Jesus, when he _______.” Then, let us love Jesus in each other.

‪If we look on one another and find things that are contrary to Jesus’ Life, then let us show each other (by the kind of deeds and words Jesus used) to remind each other of His being the measure to which we are aspiring & attaining.‬

‪Of course, all this means we must become devoted students (not merely bookish but participatory) of Jesus’ Life… and that is genuine discipleship.‬

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