Minority Christians & Abuse Victims are Correct to Call Trump Supporting #Churchianity “#Heretics & #FakeChristians”


The Fringe Theology That Could End Religious Freedom

Apocalypse Now : NPR

A Brief History of Fundamentalist Christianity in the USA

A Christian Response to the Rise of Extremism in Iraq – Red Letter Christians

‘Render to God and Trump’: Ralph Reed calls for 2020 obedience to Trump

Rev. Graham’s tour evokes evangelical support for Trump

Who’s an Evangelical and Who Gets to Decide? – Red Letter Christians

More News About Project Blitz

Apocalypse Now: Why Pastor John Hagee Has Never Been More Politically Powerful — or Terrifying

What we get wrong about the Southern strategy – The Washington Post

Falwell Jr. says FBI to investigate ‘criminal conspiracy’ at Liberty University | TheHill

Anti-Christ Politics vs. the Politics of Jesus | Sojourners

‘Someone’s Gotta Tell the Freakin’ Truth’: Jerry Falwell’s Aides Break Their Silence – POLITICO Magazine

AP: Migrant children may be adopted after parents are deported | TheHill

Meet ‘The Brothers’ Who Shaped U.S. Policy, Inside And Out | NPR

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