From Then to Now: How to Make Sense of the Radical Gun-Packing Protestors in VA & MI

Below is a long text messaging conversation between the writer of Lamb’s Harbinger & a foreign friend. The friend’s comments are marked by larger font.

We have domestic terrorists out in the open at our government buildings. #ThisIsAmerica

How’s Germany?

And they gathered at the governor’s home days ago. It is as if they wish to kill her at home and at her office at the state house

They are the same group that were rallying in Richmond VA 3 months ago

We are seeing fascism turn our democracy into a theocracy … the Evangelicals & Catholics & Mormons are together in that aim.

They made it into german News

Isn’t there police and swat on the scene to protect these buildings.

State police were there

But, you must understand, there is a movement of rebellion in the USA, and these far right-wing radicals are supported by local Sheriffs & their sheriff departments

So, the State Police do nothing, because they need the partnership of the local police


The FBI made arrests in Virginia, when credible information about planned acts of terror were made.


But, if these “protestors” show up with weapons, without the FBI knowing any credible information about actual planned attacks, then the FBI cannot do anything. The 2nd Amendment protects the “protestors.”


But, I think they are making acts of terror just by showing up in a large group with weapons

They want to terrorize the governor

In my opinion. Siege a Building and prevent democracy with armed man is some kind of terror.

And they want to terrorize everyone with the images of them on the news

We no longer have a full democracy since Trump.

He rules like a mobster

His children are in positions of authority with no training or history

He disregards the constitution and laws

And he incites these protestors by tweeting things like “liberate Michigan”

When I add all of that together, it is most like an absolute monarchy, because he is also backed by the fundamentalist, nationalist evangelicals

Wow. Just wow

As I said, these evangelicals want a theocracy. They tell Trump he is the Chosen One, and Trump has called himself that in front of news cameras

These same evangelicals partner with Roman Catholics

Just yesterday, I interacted with some of these kinds of evangelicals on twitter

They said, “I want a theocracy.”

This simply makes no sense at all? They want to protect their families. And corona is a threat to all. Why don’t they see that distance to each other is the only thing that protects you. USA has the highest death rate. Millions can die of this virus if no action is taken.

I told them that they are just like radicalized Muslim people who subvert the laws of a nation in order to establish Islamic law

It is NOT about the caronavirus for them.

What do you think is the reason for such a mind set? Education?

It is about #CapitalizingOnCovid

👆🏻search that on twitter

Trump’s America is a cult

Cults can be very large and very rich & powerful

These nationalist (theocratic) fundamentalist evangelicals partner with Mormons, Jehovah’s Witness, and ultra conservative Roman Catholics

I was raised in fundamentalist evangelicalism

When I say that I was raised in a cult, I mean it

But all of these groups see the USA with a twisted history

They see the USA according to the Civil Religion started by Jean Jacques Rousseau

They also see the USA according to Catholic doctrines like

Doctrine of Discovery


Manifest Destiny

These were popular teachings of the church during the time of Columbus, and the Catholic Church said North America was to be conquered like Joshua conquered the lands of modern Palestine / Israel

Manifest Destiny is an expansion and refinement of the Doctrine of Discovery

But, because of these 3 white European supremacy teachings (Doctrine of Discovery, Civil Religion, & Manifest Destiny), and because the Founders of our Constitution refer to “God,” then those who are extremely conservative politically want the USA to continue as they see it as having begun.

But that’s 19th century. Times changed a bit.

It is all a conquest and slaveholder mentality.

In the early to mid 1800s, evangelical Christians wanted to be liberal socially. But, the issue of slavery and Bible prophecy split every sect. After that, and after Darwin, evangelicals went socially isolationist and doomsday mentality

Well, like the right to bear arms. It was necessary in this times to protect your family. But founding fathers never thought of a AR-15 or a glock 20

We agree on that, but they don’t. They are literalist fundamentalists

They are not progressive

In the 1930s, the fundamentalist evangelicals began pushing for what is called “Christian Reconstructionism,” because they hated progressivism and social benefits that brought votes to women and more rights to former slaves

Those were the same issues that fueled the Civil War

By the 1940s & 1950s, fundamentalists had established “colleges” and “seminaries” of their own… and they started to get involved in politics to start advancing Christian Reconstructionism, which is essentially Torah law as societal law.

No rights for women, slave ownership, male dominance, etc etc

In the 1960s, sexual revolution hit as well as the Civil Rights movement and Feminism

The fundamentalist evangelicals reacted by creating a political issue out of abortion… which they had never done, even though abortion had been around since the 1920s via Margaret Sanger and Rockefeller, Jr

But that’s twisted. They are literally saying: freedom for all (except women, blacks,….)

Before the abortion issue, a man named Billy Graham came into the national scene. He was the face and voice of fundamentalist evangelicalism

Billy Graham preached everywhere, including to Queen Elizabeth II (who is a white supremacist),

And meanwhile fundamentalist evangelicals began creating what they call the Religious Right or the Moral Majority

Either name works

And that religious group made a partnership with constitutional literalists (the Republican Party).

Ever since that time, the Republican Party has been supported by fundamentalist evangelical Christians

They got Jimmy Carter elected & then they got Ronald Reagan elected. And they were known for fighting communism in the name of Christianity and Capitalist Democracy

In 1981, before Reagan was elected, Billy Graham said this warning:

But it was too late

Billy Graham died a couple of years ago. But in 2011 and in old age, he said that, given the chance to do anything differently in his life, “I also would have steered clear of politics.”

Sadly, no one listened to him

It was too late

In 1994, the evangelicals partnered with the Roman Catholics—a group that they had hated before then, in order to expand the Moral Majority and support the Republican Party

That partnership was called Evangelicals and Catholics Together … or ECT

Their goal was to make America live by Christian conservative morals & “principles” and get those morals passed into law by occupying seats of government and by corporate lobbying and by Super-PACs

In the early 2000s and during Obama’s presidency, the Moral Majority expanded once again to include Mormons

They hated Obama

That’s quite some American history I am learning right now

And Trump got support from The Moral Majority

The is why 84% of white evangelicals voted for Trump in 2016

Franklin Graham—Billy Graham’s son—is one of Trumps biggest supporters, and last year Franklin Graham (among other fundamentalist evangelicals) threatened civil war if Trump was removed from power.

Mike Pence is a former Catholic turned fundamentalist evangelical

And was governor of Indiana

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is daughter of Mike Huckabee, and their family was trained under the same cult leader that influenced the church & Bible college I was raised in

Sonny Perdue, head of agriculture in the USA is also one of them

I went to Bob Jones University for 1.5 years, and that is where Billy Graham got his start … but that place was too extreme for Billy Graham

I finished my Bachelor of Arts & Master’s degree at an even more private, fundamentalist Baptist college and seminary in Wisconsin

And that place supported Governor Scott Walker, who is now infamous in that state

In 2009, I went to Indonesia on a secret mission, where I was supposed to be converting radical Muslims and nominal Christians to fundamentalist Christianity

At that time, Muslims were sending missionaries to the Indonesian islands to gain influence. Christians were trying to get there faster

Okay. Isn’t that dangerous?

Because USA and many European countries wanted to buy unspoiled Indonesian forest to prop up the failing European and American economies

They wanted to deforest and mine the Indonesian lands

To do that, they needed tribal & political agreements. To get that, they needed religious brotherhood

Since that time, USA and European countries got what they wanted, and they even put puppets in political power in Indonesia

But, the Indonesian people got smart

And they started making political unrest ever since

Yes, it was extremely dangerous, but because I ate with the family of the king on in Yogyakarta on the island of Java, I was protected

The reason I was able to eat with the king’s family is because I taught English in his royal university, which was a position organized by fundamentalist Christians on the inside

But, by Christmas of 2009, I was extremely lonely and depressed

I almost killed myself by throwing myself out of a 3rd story window

The reasons for my depression were many

What reasons?

1. Trying to cope with abuses from my childhood and from growing up & getting trained in the cult. I know more than a couple of people who have had trouble coping with the effects of the cult I was in.

2. I did not know Indonesian language well. I felt isolated & lonely

3. I was paid $500 US per month & was paid in cash, with no way to have a bank account to pay bills. This was a control tactic by the directors, because cash cannot be traced

4. I was asked to go to Papua New Guinea in a military compound. I agreed at first but then declined a couple days later. Then, the director of my mission said “no, you already agreed.” I explained my depression, but he refused me. It was then that I knew they would treat me as human traffick.

5. I was watched 24/7

So, I decided on a better option than killing myself

I invited a Muslim girl to Coffee

And because I “dated” a Muslim, I was sent back to the USA on the next airplane

Smart move

That was January 2010

I gave my diplomas back to the fake seminary in 2014

And I have been writing my blog to uncover all of this history and abuse, since 2011

It has been my therapy

Do you have many readers or can you help people? Are there threats?

As recent as 2016, I received several condescending & condemning messages from former clergy & former colleagues & from those who “trained” me, but those have stopped now

In 2010, I felt ostracized and lost ability to be a minister, because my training mean something only to the specific brand of cult I was in

From 2011 – 2015, I tried to make something credible of my degrees, but they were honored only in other fundamentalist schools, which I detested, quitting every one I tried

Since that time, I have examined my beliefs thoroughly and have tried to relearn the Bible

I am no longer religious

And I can point to significant teachings of Jesus, which show he was against organized religion

Here is some research I did on Indonesia and “investment” by USA and European countries at that time in Indonesian “resources” to prop up failing economies.

If you read “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood, then you will find an illustration in fiction of what the Moral Majority wants

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