Bart Ehrman on why everything you’ve been told about heaven and hell is wrong

(RNS) — Best known for his popular books debunking the central assumptions of Christian Scriptures, the New Testament scholar continues this quest in his latest book, ‘Heaven and Hell: A History of the Afterlife.’ — Read on

Hell is NOT a Place of Conscious, Eternal, Physical Torture

1st Century Ancient Near East concepts of “hell” (see also these posts) will show that Jesus referred to mortal judgment as any 2nd Temple, Hellenized Jew of his day: the grave (Sheol: lifelessness, knowing nothing, cut off) a mythical realm of the dead (Hades/Tartarus: an underworld, permanently separated from the living by an impassable river) …

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Slapping Them Into Heaven? Individual and Social Religiosity, Religious Fundamentalism, and Belief in Heaven and Hell as Predictors of Support for Corporal Punishment – Johannes Beller, Christoph Kröger, Sören Kliem, 2019

Support for corporal punishment (CP) has been associated with religiosity. Yet, little is known about which aspects of religiosity predict support for CP. To cl… — Read on

Hell, Parts 1 & 2 | Almost Heretical

Hell. Is our christianity based on fear? Where do we get this from? Listen to Part 1 of our new series on Hell. — Almost Heretical (@AlmostHeretical) March 7, 2019 The biblical writers don’t have a unified vision for what hell is. Maybe we shouldn’t either? — Almost Heretical (@AlmostHeretical) March 14, 2019 …

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Hell…and How to Get There – Brian Zahnd

[As the About Page of this blog site disclaims, not all of the views connected to of any links, articles, authors, or books represent those of the blogger of Lamb’s Harbinger.] (This is chapter 6 of Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God. I want you to have it. Share it freely and widely.) …

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The Parable about Hell

….First, the parable has traditionally been used by many to describe the true nature of the afterlife because the parable is from Jesus — what he describes is here is because he knows what goes on there. Bauckham’s article suggests — argues — that this parable shares important folkloric motifs from Egypt, Rome, Greece and …

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Christian Nepotism (Michelle Van Loon)

Christian Nepotism (Michelle Van Loon) “So much of my Christian journey has been marked by the way those in power have used their social privilege to either protect themselves or promote those in their families or their inner circles. I’ve written about nepotism in this space before. Others (click here and here) have raised lots of important questions about nepotism and …

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