2nd Temple Judaism & Jesus: an Attempt to Unite Noahic Peoples (70 Nations)

Let’s talk about how Jesus chose 70 & sent them, because (to the Hellenistic, 2nd Temple Jew) “the world” meant only the peoples, who descend from Noah, as defined by the ‘Table of (70) Nations’ found in the 1st Book of Moshe (ch. 10), which serves as Semitic origin myth. The 70 names... express symbolically …

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@AntheaButler on Evangelicals, Morality, and their sexual exploits.. WHO’s ZOOMING WHO!!

Thread by @AntheaButler: Lemme hit this thread up about Evangelicals, Morality, and their sexual exploits.. I have Zoom's this afternoon so we'll just call this WHO's ZOOMING WHO!!! The Sex du jour of the day featu...… — Read on threadreaderapp.com/thread/1388186783926657025.html

Real Talk: Authors of the Bible

No one (not even the best scholars) know with certainty who wrote the New Testament letters, just as we do not *know* who wrote the Gospels & the books of the Tanakh. All we have is “tradition” & lots of curators & editors, ranging roughly from the 500s BCE to 1500s CE. Also, said curators …

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Moon Worshippers Everywhere

Judaism is a monotheistic offshoot of Ur (Chaldean) pantheistic moon worship (Sīn). Tradition, not archaeological record, teach that around 1800 B.C.E., Abram lived in the plain of Shinar, at Ur. Also according to Hebrew tradition, Abram left his homeland and stayed a while in Haran (also a center of cult moon worship) before settling in …

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I’m Tired of Talking about Bill Gothard & the Duggars – Micah J. Murray

I'm so very tired. I just got home from a four-day camping trip -- four days of sunshine and rain and afternoon naps and black coffee -- and when I opened my computer for the first time last night, the notifications started rolling in. Tweets and Facebook comments and interview requests from the tabloids and cl …

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Thread by @jonsteingard on Evangelical Leaders’ Attacking the “Deconstruction Movement”

Thread by @jonsteingard: I’ve been noticing a lot more evangelical leaders commenting on (or outright attacking) the “deconstruction movement” recently. This is a movement I feel connected to, so I wanted to offer ...… — Read on threadreaderapp.com/thread/1385993752272019458.html

Amazing Books by Academics Holding American Christianity Accountable

At times I even think that these authors represent a new class of individuals driving our theological conversation forward, even though they are mostly historians, sociologists, researchers, and journalists. Or prophets? — Read on http://www.davidrmorris.me/

Prof @AntheaButler on the MOVE Bombing, Penn Museum, Morton Cranium Collection and Racist Polygenesis Belief

Thread by @AntheaButler: So, yea, let me talk about how this story, connects to this other story of yesterday about the Penn Museum so you can see the broader picture at play here about race and... — Read on threadreaderapp.com/thread/1385021750451265538.html