Who (or What) Were the Nephilim? | LogosTalk

In the sixth chapter of Genesis, we’re confronted with a curious reference to the Nephilim. Who are they? Were they a race who came to be through the mingling of divine beings and the daughters of men? Were the Nephilim engineered by God’s enemies to thwart his plans for mankind? Even more puzzling is how …

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The Great Inception | Skywatch TV

NEW ONLINE SERIES! This series and the forthcoming programs will center on two groundbreaking books (to be released Match 7) — Reversing Hermon by Dr. Michael S. Heiser and The Great Inception by SkyWatch TV host Derek P. Gilbert. These reports and entries will unveil what most in the modern Church have never heard regarding …

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Dr. Michael Heiser on Enoch and Ancient Near East Mythologies that Bear Context for the Bible [video links]

The Watchers and the Origins of Evil The Sin of the Watchers The Book of Enoch The Watchers and Water Baptism

Is Trump Octavian?

January 20th 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again! https://t.co/n6aMK1MCRC pic.twitter.com/YVXQYqt9uR — President Trump (@POTUS) January 21, 2017 History repeats itself. In his inaugural speech, Donald J. Trump's words held a familiar ring... like that of Octavius (or, Octavian, the biblical Augustus) when vying for office against those …

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