The Great Inception | Skywatch TV

NEW ONLINE SERIES! This series and the forthcoming programs will center on two groundbreaking books (to be released Match 7) — Reversing Hermon by Dr. Michael S. Heiser and The Great Inception by SkyWatch TV host Derek P. Gilbert. These reports and entries will unveil what most in the modern Church have never heard regarding …

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Undeniable Proof of Jewish Temple Discovered – Israel News

An incredible new discovery at the Temple Mount has produced the first-ever physical and archaeological evidence that the Jewish Second Temple stood on the Mount 2,000 years ago, upsetting Arab claims, increasingly endorsed by the international community, that the Temples never existed. Read more at

Lamb’s Harbinger Apologetics Roundup

For today's Christian, defending a supernatural worldview in the face of the intellectual fascism of naturalist evolutionism is necessary. Giving evidence for creationism, miracles and the supernatural nature of the Bible are the first step to showing the biblical worldview of Christians is not only a valid one, but the exclusive one. To aid you …

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Supernatural Crossroads Conference (Trailer) Survey the Supernaturalist Worldview from Ancient Near East Texts, Archaeology, Historical & Current Accounts, Cross-Cultural Studies & Societal Trends If you are atheist or agnostic, examine the solid evidence presented by our speakers. If you have experienced paranormal events, get well-studied explanations and resources. If you are a professing Christian, learn more about the …

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