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For today’s Christian, defending a supernatural worldview in the face of the intellectual fascism of naturalist evolutionism is necessary. Giving evidence for creationism, miracles and the supernatural nature of the Bible are the first step to showing the biblical worldview of Christians is not only a valid one, but the exclusive one. To aid you in your duty, examine the following… compiled over 4 years, and presented here (below). Also visit this web site’s Links page for a comprehensive list of the foremost Christian apologetics sites.

“Star Wars and the Ancient Religion” -Ligonier


The appearance of a new episode of the Star Wars film series is an important moment for Christian witness. To be sure, we can shrug our shoulders, since Star Wars is old news. Or we can enthusiastically introduce our grandchildren to what we might think is a beloved, harmless yarn. Or we can—and should—discover in the series an occasion to sharpen our presentation of the gospel message and help our children and grandchildren, and anyone else who might be interested, to understand the culture in which they live.

In this famous and creative saga, which we must respect for its artistic value, we find many positive ideals—bravery, friendship, love, and spirituality, and others—which help explain the success of the series. However, in examining Star Wars’account of the mystery and nobility of human life, the Bible’s answer, in comparison, emerges with incomparably more convincing power.

The Star Wars Phenomenon

Answering questions of morality and spirituality was the goal of George Lucas when he created Star Wars. In the 1970s, in the heyday of secular humanism, people were hungry for spiritual truth. Lucas realized that stories were more powerful than intellectual theories—especially for children. He intended to produce a children’s fairy tale set in outer space as a “teaching tool” for the re-creation of “the classic cosmic mysteries.” In so doing, he influenced audiences young and old and deeply affected the last few decades of Western civilization. The new films will no doubt extend that influence into the next generations.

Understanding Worldview

As millions of people stream, perhaps naively, into theaters this weekend to reconnect with the powerful Star Wars adult fairy tale, most of them will be unaware of the worldview that gives this saga its structure and coherence. The term worldview simply means the way we think about the world without stopping to think about it. The fish doesn’t need to think about the water in which it swims. I’ve spent much of my teaching and writing years showing that there are only two ways to see the world. I call them “Oneism” and “Twoism,” which is another way of describing what the Apostle Paul tells us in Romans 1:25. He says that there are only two ways to be human—we either worship nature (in a thousand different ways) or we worship the Creator. If you can count from one to two you can understand worldview. Worship of nature is Oneism because nature is all there is and everything is made of the same stuff. “All is one!” This is the essence of a pagan worldview. Worship of the Creator means that in all of reality there are two kinds of existence: the uncreated Creator, and everything else, which is created. That is the worldview of Twoism.

By this standard, Star Wars is clearly Oneist. In spite of the fun elements we all enjoy, the message of the film is self-consciously pagan. If this sounds harsh, check out the following elements….

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Everything or Nothing | Freedom of Religion

To anyone who has read what I’ve written before on matters which concern separation of church and state or the negative consequences of the Enlightenment, this article will be no surprise. Due to history, my pacifism and Anabaptist theology, I do not see socio-polticial conservatism as Christianity. My beliefs do not require others to share my faith and views. I do not believe a Judeo-Christian theonomy is the goal or even the responsibility of the Church. Yet, I do see it is the responsibility of Christians to pray for all who are in authority. So far as is morally possible, it is the duty of the Christian to follow the laws of society.

These things being duly stated and in holding to a separation between church and state, a.k.a. freedom of religion, I call US governments (local and federal) to be consistent. Either no religion should be allowed in governmental institutions & standardized medicine, or all religions should be allowed fair representation.

Christianity has not been allowed a fair representation in US society, when one considers the following:

I am not so naive as to think governmental officials are oblivious to the so-called religion-free “science” behind agendas like Goldie Hawn’s or Claudia Wang’s “meditation” in schools. As Candy Brown writes,

“I started asking, ‘Who is involved with this? Why is it becoming mainstream?'” she said. “I was surprised by how little scientific evidence supports claims that CAM is safe and effective. For many of the most popular CAM therapies, there is an absence of rigorous scientific research showing that CAM is more effective than conventional medicine, non-religious exercise and relaxation, a healthy diet, Christian prayer practices, or a simple placebo. And there is evidence that CAM can be dangerous.”

One explanation for CAM’s acceptance, she said, is that some practitioners have been less than transparent, or even deceptive, in their marketing. They have played down the religious meanings of practices and exaggerated the scientific evidence of benefits.

Of course, even momentary practical thought would indicate government cannot possibly accommodate all religions, whether in schools, medical practice or otherwise. This was a tenet the founding fathers of the U.S.A. foresaw, as much as I might disagree with their own religious views. On the other hand, and perhaps differing from my fellow biblicist evangelical Christians, I do not believe Christianity should be given a place above other religions in state education or standardized health. I believe it should be allowed a fair and equal representation. No one religion should be given place before another when it comes to governmental involvement; but no one religion should be discriminated either.

At the same time, it is delusion to think that any institution (governmental or not) can be free from religious influences. The truth is our American society accommodates the will of the people, as represented through elected officials and individual votes. That means each individual’s religious beliefs are given power at the voting boxes. The laws of the land reflect its people’s beliefs in our country. Is that not sufficient? Perhaps it is not sufficient in a day of corruption at every level and when only the rich can run for elected office. Therefore, Christians need to re-learn how to navigate a society where Christian values are not the majority; and that, while some standards of morality will always be legislated, Christ’s kingdom isn’t something which can be expunged from or passed into law. But, individual Christian’s influences can and should be felt in private and public life.

Other nations do things differently. For example, in America, parents still have the right to educate their children themselves, or by whatever legitimate standard they choose. This is a great freedom. But, in Germany, that is not the case. State schools are mandatory… and one had better believe that the atheistic philosophies, naturalism, scientism and one-world agenda of “leaders” are behind that system. Again, one cannot prevent spiritual and philosophical influences upon institutions and governments. He must learn how to live within them yet not be “of” them.

A Solution

If US government is to be consistent, then it must give no weight to one religion above another. Philosophically speaking, this cannot possibly be done. On the theoretical level, it can be said. But, separation of church and state is obviously easier said than done. The best solution is “freedom of religion.” If an individual wishes to express religion in the educational context, in medical choices or in business, then ideally that should be allowed within reason (i.e. not overtly disruptive, subversive of or harmful to others). What is needed along side of truth in advertising and truth in lending is “truth in beliefs” disclosures within educational and health practices. Let the individual decide in matters of faith. At courthouses, let the law be the only thing represented. In schools and medicine, if a faith group wishes to be represented for its “benefits” to the followers of that faith, then those faith groups should be forthcoming and transparent about who they are and what they do. When these requirements are met, then let the parents and their children decide on participation.





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