10 Reasons Why God Does Not Heal Everyone and/or Prevent Evil

These are the questions:

“If God exists and is good, then why does God allow evil and suffering?” —Atheist / Agnostic

“If God is all powerful, then why don’t Christians go into hospitals and psych wards to heal everyone?” —Skeptic

“Will God heal the non-believer just the same as a believer?” —Inquiring Christian

“I prayed for a miracle, but God did not do it. Why?” —Disillusioned Christian

These are the biblical answers:

1. Human free will stands, according to God’s original design. By it we fell into sin; with it, each of us may be redeemed by grace through faith. Free will means others may affect my life, and that is just the law of existence, which God set into motion. Their freedom is your freedom; and God will not remove it. He keeps His own laws. Mankind makes evil and hurtful or neglegent choices, because mankind is corrupted in nature, not God.

BUT, God promises He alone can redeem these evils into something eternally good, if He is willfully entrusted with both the wrongs and His prescription on how to cope with them. Finding out & following His ways can treat and / or prevent much evil, inner suffering & even physical ailment.

Sometimes God won’t heal us or heal instantly, because He wants us to use our will to find healing by searching out and living in His freeing Truth & ways. That is, God may delay a healing or spread it out over time in order to build the faith of the recipient. Instantaneous healing does happen, but so does prolonged healing.

If He has assured us of healing based on His Word and the illumination of the Spirit, then we must continually believe with praising, or “pray through.” This builds a strong faith! Again, God is more interested in cultivating our person in trusting Him than in providing quick fixes for our temporal, physical bodies. See Luke 18:1-8

And, yes, emotional and psychological healings come at His hands too… but often take much time and much truth.

2. Some (NOT ALL) torments are the result of sin. Examples include: guilt, not forgiving others, the results of covetously seeking riches and fame or worldly success, bitterness or blaming God for not getting your strong desires met, dabbling in occult ritual or magic, bringing railing accusation against / commanding angels, speaking evil/reviling angelic majesties without knowledge/understanding. These must be confessed and renounced in Jesus’ Name before we can command the tormentors to go. (See Jude; Matthew 18:34; Hebrews 12; 1 Timothy 6:10; James 4-5)

3. Our understanding is limited; God’s is limitless. It may be redemptive suffering or glorification of God in unseen realms… Or seen realms (Ex. Job, John 9:1-12). We are not gods; He is God. It is about His glory, AND He rewards those who suffer but keep faith! [See Befitting Rewards Series and 1 Peter 4 & Luke 22:31]

4. This is a fallen world in an evil age—temporal—not Heaven. Sickness, disaster, disease & death are not only possible but probable; but God wants our trust in Him for the rescue of our eternal soul—even above trust for temporal fixes—as well as the maturing of our (believers’) person into Jesus’ likeness. We did not give God trust in a perfect age (Garden of Eden). This present evil age is about trusting Him while enduring ills. If we do so, He will give us His wisdom & understanding. Therefore, He may or may not heal / deliver based on our need to grow into Christ’s likeness. Jesus suffered and was perfected by it too, but He suffered so that He could rescue us from eternal separation from God in judgement. The rescue and mature development of your eternal soul is more important to God than your temporal / bodily desires. Only by suffering, can we be made better (more empathetic, wise, understanding, compassionate, self-less, content) people.

Speaking of being mortal, getting older and chronically sick is hard. King Solomon puts it best by saying: “Remember your creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days come and you say, ‘I have no pleasure in them’ (Ecclesiastes 12:1). God says you were supposed to have spent your youthful years learning the Wisdom of God, SO THAT when you are older and sicker and feeble you would be prepared instead of lost for answers about life in this fallen world. Youth is preparation for getting older, not a thing to be squandered as if to say, “Tonight, we are young. So, let’s set the world on fire.” The best way to age gracefully is to age (gain) in wisdom. Even wine gets better with age, even though it rots.

See Romans 8:29-30; John 16:33; Ecclesiastes 12

5. God is not partial or vengeful. He gives both blessings and trials to the just and the unjust alike. He lets good things and “bad” things happen for a reason, which is: both blessing and suffering are meant to lead us to faith in God, either in response for his goodness OR in seeing the brokenness of the fallen world & desiring to be rescued from this present evil, fallen age.; and, as indicated above, trials and suffering can either grow or destroy our empathy and compassion…. The choice is ours, whether to become better humans or not. See Matthew 5:45

6. The proud, rich & affluent of this world are often self sufficient (poor in faith). We think we have a remedy or fix or prevention or insurance for everything… somehow invincible. We need to learn our frailty and vulnerability and trust in the presence of God (See above). To become spiritually rich, we must fully realize we are poor in spirit; and a revelation of our spiritual bankruptcy before God does not happen without trials. By the way, if we treat prayer for healing like a “treatment” so that we can go on living in our godless and selfish ways, then God won’t heal us. See James 2:5; 5; Matthew 5:3

7. Someone must ask for healing (spiritual & physical) in Jesus’ Name. If one does not believe in Him as the only true God and Savior, why should He give them a healing / deliverance? In the Bible records, healings are always given so that faith may be established in Him. This is not to say God will not preserve life, even in miraculous ways, until that one has a chance to hear the Good News of Jesus. God has and will heal, or allow a near death experience, or miraculously protect or deliver someone from tragedy, if/when that person needs to hear / accept the Good News of Jesus.

[See Bible passages recording healings and “What About Those Who Have Not Heard?“]

8. Believers do not direct or empower spiritual gifts (healing, etc.) to use at their will, as if the power is theirs. It is God’s power and at His will. (See above & 1 Corinthians 12:11)

9. Prayer is aligning with God’s rule & will over us. Sometimes He says no, even to those who are righteous (repentant attitude). To pray for His “Kingdom to come & His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven” is not a question of His will getting done, as if God can’t do everything He wants in this present, evil age. But rather, to pray this is to practice aligning ourselves with God’s will and rule by agreement of spirit and a confident trust in Him. This is called faith, and untainted faith is sourced in (or flows out of) love. If we love God, we desire His rule and his will to happen on earth, even if it goes against our natural desires; and this stands in direct contradistinction to the collective will of fallen, unregenerate humanity… which seeks self-will and self-rule at all costs. The “Lord’s Prayer” is a form of worship, not a revelation of God’s impotence. So, we may pray outright for healing (believer & non-believer alike), but if God does not heal you—in His Divine wisdom—will you love him and trust him anyway? Will you learn to pray with agreement from the heart, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done.” [*Note: this prayer is also prophetic concerning His future 1000 yr. reign from Jerusalem]

As Nick Vujicic says:

If you don’t get a miracle, be the miracle.”

10. God wants fellowship. More than any, God has suffered; because in all our suffering, He suffers. We are His Creation gone astray by the free will he gave us and enduring evils He never would have chosen for us. He also provides the remedy of His Son at His own costly expense. But, just like Abraham and all the patriarchs and great people of faith, they endured great hardship & testing down here, so that they would know the fellowship of Christ Jesus’ sufferings… a necessary “evil” that must go alongside of knowing “the power of His resurrection!” These people were called “friend” by God and enjoyed deep relationship with Him while on earth and afterward in Heaven. Are you desiring exemption from this? As Romans 8 puts it, “I reckon that the present sufferings of this age are nothing to be compared to the glory to be revealed in us…. If we suffer with Him, we shall also reign with Him.” See Romans 4; 5:3; 8; Hebrews 11



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God, the Father

“But wait, God does not show himself. Is God an absent Father? How can I know what God is like?”

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God is not absent. He is very involved. In fact, one of his names is I AM, which means he is constantly revealing himself to mankind. Mankind has a hard time hearing, though. “Indeed God speaks once, Or twice, yet no one notices it.” (Job 33:14). What is more, the Father sent Jesus, Who is the exact expression of the Father. (John 14:7-9; Hebrews 1:1-3)

When reading/studying the Bible, instead of looking for things that will make you feel good or meet your need, try to look for characteristics of God and write them down in a journal. Then, choose to praise Him for those characteristics, and believe that He is treating you by those characteristics in your life. Soon, you will learn his ways of thinking, feeling and doing; and you will find He is more than enough for your every need.

Using that method, here are a few characteristics of God as Father:

  • The Adoptive Father: He adopts. ”When Father or Mother forsake me, The Lord takes me up.” (Ps. 27:10) He gathers the orphans and blesses them.

— He does not abandon those “under” him in tough times, but takes responsibility to find a remedy. Examples: Seeking and Clothing Adam and Eve (Genesis 3), Providing Jesus (John 14:18), Providing the Spirit (Romans 8:15).

— He gives good gifts (blessings): turning us away from self-destructive evil (Acts 3:26); providing us with the ministry of the Holy Spirit, especially when we need it most (Matt. 7:11; Luke 11:13; James 4:6).

  • The Kind Father: He is slow to get angry. Has compassionate mercy on the failing and wayward, because He is good. (Ex 34:6; Ps. 103:8; Ps. 86:15, 103:14, 145:8; Micah 7:18)

Illustration: “long nosed” [speaks to sources of frustration and anger being replaced with empathy and compassion and a delight to show mercy]

  • The Awe-Inspiring Father: He does not abuse authority but uses it to serve, guard and protect (emotionally as well as physically and spiritually).

Examples: The Song of Moses (Deut. 33), David Delivered from Saul (Ps. 18), The Machine Gun Preacher

  • The Mysterious Father: He does/allows things that his children do not understand but is for their maturity and His plan. (Matthew 18:2-3)

A child does not fully understand what his Father does.

Illustration: “allowing evil:” not allowing to eat (poison/candy), changing diaper, tying shoes on, taking a bath, brushing teeth, giving prohibitions or commands, “leaving alone,” forbidding certain interactions, requiring endurance.

Why does God allow evil if he is a good father?

A. Because (for the believer) — just like Jesus — we are made perfect (mature, whole) through suffering (Hebrews 2:10). There is a more mature and more Christ-like you that God wishes to refine, just as one who purifies Silver by faithfully sitting by you in trials until just the right time that the heat must be removed (Malachi 3:3).

Our congregation has many elderly. And many of you are struggling through chronic illness or even the deaths of loved ones. You are asking, “Why does God allow evil and suffering and death?” The simple answer is that mankind chose to know good AND evil (Genesis 3). That is the choice humanity made at the beginning of our race’s existence. Just so, one cannot escape this life without meeting disease, decay and death. That was the deal. BUT, thankfully, God makes another deal to restore mankind through Jesus Christ, our Lord! “As in Adam, all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive” (1 Corinthians 15:22), as well as to comfort us in all our affliction (Isaiah 63:9; 2 Corinthians 1:1-5).

King Solomon puts it best by saying: “Remember your creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days come and you say, ‘I have no pleasure in them’ (Ecclesiastes 12:1). God says you were supposed to have spent your youthful years learning the Wisdom of God, SO THAT when you are older and sicker and feeble you would be prepared instead of lost for answers about life in this fallen world. Youth is preparation for getting older, not a thing to be squandered as if to say, “Tonight, we are young. So, let’s set the world on fire.” The best way to age gracefully is to age (gain) in wisdom. Even wine gets better with age, even though it rots.

B. Because evil is allowed by God but it is also limited by Him in the believer’s life. God says, “this far and no more.” [see Job 1:12, 20-22, 2:6  and Paul, 2 Corinthians 12:9]. And, the best thing we can say along with Job and the Apostle Paul is: “There is much I do not know. It may be that in spiritual realms, God is using me for his Glory. It may be that God is allowing this to show non-believers the constant hope a believer has in Christ (2 Peter 3:13 — 4). But, where I am weak, your grace is sufficient for me. Though he slays me, yet will I trust in Him.”

C. Because (for humanity in general), we give permission to Satan to press us by our choices, thoughts and actions. God cannot violate human will or the effects of sin. By mankind’s will, evil and sin and Satan entered the world. Mankind gave Satan power over all life on earth, and Satan became the pretended father of all. Because God originally made mankind with the irrevocable power of choice, and because mankind chose a nature that knows evil; God has to work around and through and despite evil. Mankind as a race, not God, made a contract with the devil. Just so, God must allow mankind’s choice to stand. HOWEVER, God CAN and HAS implemented an ultimate redemption. Change your mind, take God’s side against your evil nature; and call on the Lord Jesus to redeem your soul from Sin. Those who Redeemed through Christ can use their will to partner with God in overcoming evil with good (Romans. 12:21; 1 John 5:4).

  • The Nurturing and Admonishing Father: He corrects, not by exasperation but through His Word: reason, talking, circumstantial training and showing the way… (Hebrews 12)

— 2 Tim. 3:16 “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness,”

— Col. 3:21 “Fathers, do not exasperate your children, so that they will not lose heart.”

— Trains and teaches his children wisdom and understanding naturally (in natural ways), all the time. (Deut. 6)

— Examples to the negative: David (1 Kings 1:6), Eli (1 Sam 3:13)

— He praises and blesses and rewards his children. (Matthew 3:17; Mark 1:11; Hebrews 6:12-20; Hebrews 2)

  • The Friendly Father: He loves even his enemies and seeks to make them his friends by self-sacrificial acts of kindness.

Matt. 5:21-48 “be perfect, even as your father in heaven is perfect.”

  • The Honest Father: He is honest about the way things have gone, why he thinks and acts as he does, and also, about the true way forward. –The Bible

Example: HonorPassion.com — “The truth is, I didn’t see anything of myself in my father, and I don’t think he saw anything of himself in me. We were like strangers who knew each other very well.” (from the movie, Big Fish)

Understanding can only happen with honest and transparent communication.

The (True) Theory of Everything

The Bible presents the truth about human existence and the universe in which we find it.

1 Created Universe

The physical universe was brought into being by the self-existing, uncaused and limitless God who can create “out of nothing.” That Creator is the 1st and the rightful King of the physical universe, and He dwells in a realm (e.g. dimension) apart from time and space, commonly called eternity or also known as the 3rd Heaven. Biblically speaking, the first heaven is our earth’s sky or atmosphere, the second heaven is beyond our atmosphere (stars and galaxies); but the 3rd Heaven is a realm, of which our physical realm is a mere silhouette. The 3rd Heaven is thus ‘parallel to’ or ‘above’ us (i.e. not accessible by non-spiritual means; see CARM).

Humankind originally fit within the universe as a Divine agency. We were initially designed by the Creator to be a regent race on earth. However, mankind’s current nature and ways are not now as the Creator originally intended. In the beginning, we ordered, protected and prospered all life on earth in accordance to the essence and ways of the Creator. It pleased God to put his own life and likeness into original mankind. Part of this life and likeness is “free will,” which would allow for “un-programmed” relational joy and genuine love between God and humanity, especially as mankind went about the assigned co-regency of earth. Free will also would allow mankind the choice to go against the Creator; that is the risk of genuine relation. All earthly ecosystems, creatures and vegetation were under the rule of mankind, just as mankind was under the good rule of the Creator.

Mankind was not the only sentient race brought into existence by the Creator. Whereas mankind was made according to the life and likeness of the Creator (a Spirit), yet having a physical existence; in the unseen dimension or realm—the 3rd Heaven—God had also created spirits who originally existed only in non-physical form but could apparently interact with and perform duties in the physical dimensions too. These created spirit beings are called angels. They also were created with free will. Humanity was created a little lower than angels in power and form (authority, ability). Whereas the physical realm cannot reach the 3rd Heaven by non-spiritual means, angels can go freely back and forth between the physical and spiritual (eternal) realms. Originally, all angels were to serve God’s plan for all creation, including His original intents for mankind, just as mankind was to serve God’s plan for the earth and its creatures.

If the universe, especially earth, is a kingdom…and it is, then God is its original and rightful King.

2 Kings

God is the 1st and rightful King but Lucifer is the pretender king, or 2nd king. One of the highest, if not the highest of created angels—Lucifer, originally a guardian angel—used his free will to rebel against God in pride. Given his power of choice, he desired to be served and worshipped instead of serving and worshiping. He wanted to rule over all as God rules. Instead of serving God by guarding and helping to guide other angels and mankind, he seized control of mankind through subtle trickery, and 1/3rd of all angels followed him in the diabolical mutiny. Thus, he became That Old Serpent, the Adversary, the Devil, Satan, the (Great) Dragon, Beelzebub–Prince of Demons.

Other names for the chief of the fallen angels that reflect his pretended rule are the ‘prince of the power of the air,’ and ‘the god of this age.’ When Lucifer tempted and deceived the original representatives of mankind (Adam & Eve), humanity disobeyed God’s command and mankind was no longer regent of earth. Humanity had been usurped by Lucifer. Thus, Satan became the god or ruler of this present, evil age—the age which precedes the rule of God in the 1000 year age to come. The Devil does now rule in a certain sense over all of the kingdoms of earth but only until God’s plan to destroy the works of the Devil is fully consummated.

Lucifer has great power, albeit ‘created’ power, unlike God’s; and Lucifer mainly works in deceptive ways (ex. illusion, remaining hidden or covert, fear, slight, lies, appealing to those who are like him). Satan, and the evil angels which followed him, spiritually promote the confusing and convoluted barrage of false religions & ideologies, social & economic systems and the kingdoms of mankind through appealing to the human race he ensnared. The appeals of the Dragon are all very subtle and very crafty. If one worships any other ‘god’ or belief structure besides the Creator God (as revealed in the Bible), then that one serves one or many of the demons of the Devil, and by proxy, the Devil himself. If one lives for wealth, power or pleasure, then that one serves Satan by natural default as god of this age. If one insists on his or her “own way” of life, then that mirrors the way of the Devil. If one denies God’s existence, choosing man-made origin theories instead, then that one is deceived and believing lies promoted by the Adversary, the Devil,… who seeks to blind the minds of the disbelieving.

The metanarrative of the Bible deals with God’s promise to restore mankind to Himself and to rightful regency on earth via the Son of God, the Serpent Crusher, the Last Adam, a.k.a. Jesus Christ. For God to be judicious and fair, this restoration must happen within the original rules with which God created angels, mankind and the universe,… being free will, hierarchy of being and power, good and evil, cause and effect (action/consequence), time and space, life and death. None of these can be violated. What is more, the Devil and his minions are used by God at strategic times and in incontrovertible ways to bring about God’s ultimate plan for humanity, even on the individual level. Nothing can stop God’s breaking through the plans and ‘power’ of the present evil age or its ‘ruler.’ It is a kingdom of darkness, but God is the One, true Light.

2 Natures

Mankind was originally designed with the life and likeness of God, the Creator. But, at obedience to Satan, we took on the nature of him whom we obeyed–the Devil. At that time, humanity became the children of the Devil in nature, capable of doing “good” but only from a self-serving, corrupted nature which stands apart from and in opposition to the Creator. Satan’s nature is proud and selfish, demanding its own way and demanding sacrifice of others for its gain, full of lies, deceitful, given to excess instead of moderation and modesty, defiling and abusive, insatiable in desire, discontent, accusatory, killing, stealing and destroying, terminal “life” dwelling in darkness.

God’s nature is selfless, sacrificial in love, merciful, full of truth and grace, peace, life dwelling in light, hating every false way. In order to rid one’s self of the nature of the Devil, one must experience what Jesus calls a “new birth.” Jesus preached against the “heart” or nature of mankind, out of which evils come. When one sees that he has sins, he is supposed to say, “Yes, God is right. I have a sinful nature. I repent (change mind and sides) against my fallen self. I trust Christ to give me a new birth.” God’s plan is to give each individual to the option to disown the fallen family of the Devil by being adopted as God’s child through a new birth in nature, which only Jesus Christ can offer.

The Supernatural Remedy for a Supernatural Problem

The supernatural worldview of human existence, as found in the Bible, is that all humans have a fallen self (devilish sin nature). One must see the need to renounce sinful self and all demonic ideologies before he can have any reason to trust Jesus Christ alone for forgiveness of sin & for the new birth. A new, spiritual birth is needed in order to replace a sinful, devilish nature. The heart (nature) must be made new; and when it is made new, then one is transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of God’s dear Son. By his selfless death on the cross and via his resurrection, Jesus Christ, the only Son of God judiciously dealt with Sin (nature) and also sins (offenses). Therefore, repent toward God… agreeing that He is God, not you or Satan; and believe on Jesus… that He is the Chosen One (Christ) to take away sin. If you call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, you will be saved.

One day, the rightful King will come to claim his kingdom, as it has been foretold from the beginning. Be prepared. The time is near.