Why ALL Universalism is Heresy

All universalism is heresy. That is, it is anti-Christ in its various assertions, which is to say Universalism (in any of its forms) works systematically opposite of worshipping Jesus as THE active judge of the cosmos. Reducing Jesus' statements about His role as universal Judge to Jesus' acting as a combination of time dispensor and …

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Granddaughter Of Westboro Baptist Church Founder Chronicles Leaving In ‘Unfollow’ : NPR

Megan Phelps-Roper, who first picketed against homosexuality with her family at age 5, writes of facing feelings of guilt. In her memoir she says of her family, "losing them was the price of honesty." — Read on http://www.npr.org/2019/10/09/768665099/granddaughter-of-westboro-baptist-church-founder-chronicles-leaving-in-unfollow

Peter J. Williams Refutes the Fiery View of the Valley of Hinnom (Ge Henna)

If you repeat often enough that Gehenna was a refuse dump at the time of Jesus, even scholars may begin to assume there’s evidence for it.— Peter J. Williams (@DrPJWilliams) June 14, 2019 The words of a French commentator (Kimhi) from C12/13 are not much evidence for the edifice built thereon.— Peter J. Williams (@DrPJWilliams) …

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Hell, Parts 1 & 2 | Almost Heretical

Hell. Is our christianity based on fear? Where do we get this from? Listen to Part 1 of our new series on Hell. https://t.co/iio4RatnOX — Almost Heretical (@AlmostHeretical) March 7, 2019 The biblical writers don’t have a unified vision for what hell is. Maybe we shouldn’t either? https://t.co/q1kBE0bX23 — Almost Heretical (@AlmostHeretical) March 14, 2019 …

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The Bible, Christianity and Homosexuality – GayChurch.org

What does the Bible really say about homosexuality? Should the Church allow the blessing of homosexual marriages/unions? Should a homosexual in a committed relationship be ordained a priest or even consecrated bishop? What about tradition? What should I tell my friends or relatives who are gay? Must they remain single for their whole life? We …

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We believe in the authoritative, inerrant, infallible Word of God – and his name is Jesus. This is [a series] of three blog posts on the authority, inerrancy, and application of the Word of God from an Anabaptist Christian perspective. Anabaptism is a 500 year old movement that primarily formed on the heels of the Protestant …

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Nicaea: not Rome’s Authority

In his 2016 article, Evangelical Exodus: The Protestant seminary that produced dozens of Catholic converts, Paul Senz describes a happening that perhaps precipitated or maybe merely coincides with the more recent #Exvangelical and #EmptyThePews phenomena. From Personal Experience Having personally attended classes at Southern Evangelical Seminary in 2013, I feel as though I dodged a …

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