Mark 1:1-28 | The Authority of Jesus, cont. (audio)

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Book of Mark 1:14 — 1:34

The Authority of Jesus as Messiah, the Son of God

I. Jesus’ authority is based on approval of the Father and anointing of the Spirit and witnessed by a prophet foretold (1:1-13)

II. Jesus has authority to preach the Gospel of God’s Kingdom 1:14-15

III. Jesus has authority to call and lead disciples 1:16-20

  • Have you obeyed the Gospel of the Kingdom of God?
  • Are you a disciple of Jesus Christ; have been baptized?

IV. Jesus has authority to teach the Scriptures accurately 1:21-22

  • Jesus taught the Word of God perfectly. Do you depend on the Spirit of Jesus to teach the Word of God to you? Do you obey what you hear?

V. Jesus has authority to command unclean spirits/demons 1:23-28

  • Do you not think Jesus wants to deliver those who are possessed and oppressed by demons today? Are you allowing him to use you?

VI. Jesus has authority over sicknesses as well as demons 1:29-34

  • Do you not think Jesus wants to deliver people from sicknesses today? Are you allowing him to use you?

Life Together in Christ


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Jan 18, 2015  33:24 | Pastor Woody Cumbie, Lifepointe Church (streamed audio)

There is an almost uniquely American epidemic called “loneliness.” Many are lonely despite being popular or in a crowd or even in a large family. Loneliness is a heart level malady. But God has a design for His family that draws people into community with deep connections that reach even to the heart. Hear the call to God’s people to do life together in Christ.