2017 Holy (Passion) Week Worship Guide

This Worship Guide is not meant to create “traditions of men” but merely to make it easy for individuals and families to worship well during the week we celebrate our Lord’s sacrifice and resurrection.

The reader will note that I hold to a Wednesday evening Lord’s Supper and a Thursday crucifixion. This is not meant to be controversial on my part, but it is the best reconciliation I can make with the scriptural data that contradicts Roman Catholic tradition (as handed down to Protestants).


Passion Week / Holy Week Worship Guide

Sunday – 9th: Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem

Application: Declare the King, and Rejoice!

[Activities: Decide to be someone who lends yourself and your goods “for the Master’s use.” Decide to believe the Master prepares supply for His work ahead of time (ex. Donkey colt). Anything to do with Palm branches, Learn the meaning of “Hosanna!” Remember true leadership is first humble (ex. Jesus’ riding on the colt of a donkey). Stay with friends.]

Monday – 10th: Jesus Weeps over Jerusalem, Curses the Fig Tree & Purges the Temple of Crooked Religious Leaders/Merchants

Application: Reflect on true worship and fruitfulness.

[Activities:  Think of ways to make it possible & easy for the outcasts and poor and spiritually abused/overburdened to worship freely. Anything to do with figs and fig trees; Remember that God is not done with Israel (analogous to the cursed Fig Tree), according to Romans 11. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the Lord’s Prayer. Stay with friends.]

Tuesday – 11th: Jesus Occupies the Temple and Refutes the Pharisees / Teaches Prophecy.

Application: Allow the Master to occupy your heart with His Living Truth.

[Activities:  Learn Jesus’ teachings that combat the Pharisees. Give to the needy; Give yourself to God; Give back to governments what they create.  Reflect on the cursed fig tree and being full of faith. Reflect on not perverting the Good News by Religious Law, disbelief and Traditions of Men. Consider the prophetic future and God’s plans for humanity; be ready & hopeful. Stay with friends.]

Wednesday – 12th: Jesus observes Feast of Unleavened Bread/Passover and Institutes His Supper. He observed the last Passach (Passover) on evening of, due to Jerusalem pilgrimage allowance; He instituted Lord’s Supper/Lord’sTable/Communion as a commemoration of the New Covenant in His blood, seeing the next day He would be the prophetic Passover Lamb to take away the sins of the world.

Application: Remember that Jesus was betrayed by one of His own. Remember the all the Disciples forsook Him. Remember He did this all joyfully and with Thanks, and the Lord’s Supper  commemorates His death and resurrection “until He comes again.”

[Activities: Observe communion and foot washing. Sing Psalms, Hymns & spiritual songs in the open air. Stay with friends. Watch and pray well into the night, commit to complete devotion (i.e. love with heart, soul, strength and mind; Deuteronomy 6) and faithfulness to Jesus; resolve to keep the faith, no matter the cost.]

Thursday – 13th: Jesus endures 6 trials, scourging and crucifixion. Passover lambs slain from 3-5pm.

Application: Recognize Jesus as The Lamb of God, who are away our sins.

[Activities: Remember Jesus’ 7 sayings (and their meaning) on the Cross. Read Isaiah 53 and the Gospel Crucifixion accounts and Psalms 22 & 103

  1. “Father, forgive them…”
  2. “Today…with me in paradise”
  3. “Woman, behold thy son…” [darkness: noon – 3 pm] Honor mothers.
  4. “My God, My God…”
  5. “I thirst”
  6. “It is finished”
  7. “Into Thy hands…”

Also, an earthquake happened, and the graves opened and the Temple veil rent. Read Gospel accounts of this & the Book of Hebrews. Jesus taken off the cross at evening and hurried by sundown (start of Jewish new day).]

*1st Night in Tomb*

Friday – 14th: Jesus being in the grave, the Romans seal the tomb at Jew’s request. The women would have prepared anointing oils / spices on this day.

Application: There is a time to grieve; and even Jesus’ enemies fear His Resurrection.

[Activities: Learn about wax seals on paper and objects… and how they represent authority. Read Book of Revelation, wherein Jesus opens the seals. Learn about anointing oils and spices. Learn about / practice good bereavement ministry.]

*1st Day & 2nd Night in Tomb*

Saturday – 15th: Jesus still in the grave. Rest (Shabbat)

Application: Remember that God is at work in every circumstance, which means we can rest/trust in Him…even in the darkest/loneliest times. He has completed all the work, and He gives life and opportunity for sustenance.

[Activities: Take off from work but do remember to do good. Do trust-building group/family activities. Honor Fathers.]

*2nd Day & 3rd Night in Tomb*

Sunday – 16th: Resurrection before Dawn (very early in the morning the women came, He already was risen just as He predicted more than 3 times).

Application: Recognize the prophetic aspect of “Feast of First Fruits.”

*Arose on the 3rd Day*

[Activities: Worship & Declare the Risen Messiah/Savior; Read 1 Corinthians 15; 1 Thessalonians 4]


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The Great Inception | Skywatch TV

This series and the forthcoming programs will center on two groundbreaking books (to be released Match 7) — Reversing Hermon by Dr. Michael S. Heiser and The Great Inception by SkyWatch TV host Derek P. Gilbert. These reports and entries will unveil what most in the modern Church have never heard regarding how the story of the sin of the Watchers in 1 Enoch was central to the mission of Jesus, the Messiah, as well as Biblical facts hidden behind the stories of the old gods, the Titans, and the role they played AND WILL PLAY in the lead up to Armageddon, imperative supra-classified details altogether forgotten by modern religious institutions. The long war between God and the lesser gods who rebelled began on a mountain, and it will end on a mountain.











Or, Parts 1-10 on the official book page, HERE

Mystery Babylon, Mysteries of the Bible with Joel Richardson | SkyWatchTV

Joel Richardson, with his book and in his  interviews with Skywatch TV (part 2 HERE), is both saying things I have come to (about the 7th & 8th Beast of Revelation, its seven heads/hills being former world empires); AND he is changing my mind to more fully form what I have been only partly understanding within the topic of the biblical Mystery Babylon’s not being a literal city, but moreso the city in which the last global empire is situated.

That being said, I cannot fully dismiss a “revived Roman empire,” seeing the Beast is prophesied by John on Patmos to rise out of “THE Sea—Mare Nostrum, or the Mediterranean,” the water highway of trade & also the expanse of ancient Rome…. And so, as Saudi Arabia and Islam have taken over The UN and EU/UfM (which surrounds the Mediterranean and unites the Middle East with the West), Joel Richardson’s interpretation still meets a revived Roman empire with a “Babylon” city (Jeddah/Mecca) that has access to the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal.

Eliminate Debt, Secure Assets by March 21, 2017

September 2015 and January 2016 saw massive hits to the US stock markets. We haven’t seen anything yet.

Ever since early 2016, Saudi Arabia has participated in a back-and-forth economics shoving match with the USA. Threats of currency abandonment, calling of debts, divestment, etc. ensued to the tune of $750b. The threats remained serious until September 23, 2016, when Obama signed a placating veto against US citizens’ ability to sue SA for 9/11. But now that Trump is in office, things are heating up again. Here are the headlines (from last year) dynamic to the current situation:

A U.S.-Saudi Breakup Threatens the Demise of the Petrodollar | Wall Street Daily

End Of The Petrodollar: Saudi Arabia Threatens To Dump $700b In Treasuries If Blamed For 9/11 | Market Oracle

US Reveals Saudi Arabia’s US Debt Holdings for the First Time | RT

Saudi Arabia’s money ties to the U.S. are massive…and murky | CNN Money

Russia & Saudi Arabia discussing oil production freeze – Russian energy minister | RT [This is an example of return economic pressure due to sanctions and a display of SA economic alliance with Russia (BRICS) and Iran]

Obama vetoes bill to let 9/11 families sue Saudi Arabia, but congressional override expected | ADN

UPDATE 1-Saudi riyal falls, bond may be delayed after U.S. Congress vote | Reuters

U.S. approves $1.15 billion sale of tanks, equipment to Saudi Arabia | Reuters [These are the capitulations of an indebted nation to its lender]

Saudi Arabia Strikes Back | Foreign Policy

Economic stress as world runs out of dollars | Telegraph

Now, Iran—since the nuclear deal and various infractions thereof—has also joined in the currency / economic threats game. And, it is emboldening Saudi Arabia. See these latest headlines:

Iran Just Officially Ditched the Dollar in Major Blow to US: Here’s Why It Matters | Ron Paul Report

The Saudi riyal/dollar peg: time for a change? | FT

What Will Trump Do About Saudi Arabia? | The Globalist

Trump Slays the US Dollar Golden Goose | Money Morning

Saudi Arabia may raise U.S. oil investments: energy minister | Reuters [Just because SA wishes to invest in US oil investments does not insure US dollar as the currency; in fact, this is a way SA can call on US debts with a secured asset market / resource]

I see a convergence of Middle Eastern nations dumping their holdings and currency interests in the US petrodollar. As a result, I warn readers to eliminate debt and secure assets by March 21, which is the date set by Iran for pulling its ties to the US dollar, amid its growing weakness in global energy resource markets and the looming Nexits / the EU’s impotent Euro. A new economic currency will soon be forming… just as the EU, UfM and EaP move to further their Global Strategy.

The formation of global governance, currency, military and economics are on the horizon, in fulfillment of biblical prophecy. Believe the Bible about the narrative of both world history and its prescription for your own soul.

To see how SA fits into biblical prophecy, see Joel Richardson’s Interviews with Skywatch TV 



Stockman: “After March 15 Everything Will Grind To A Halt” | Zero Hedge