A Question of Innocence & Ethics

Examine the Hebrew Torah’s myth of Creation, and you’ll find some holes and leaps in logic. One of these errors in reasoning is in the 1st Book of Moses (aka Genesis 3), wherein is described Adam & Eve’s temptation by “the Serpent” (seraph) and their subsequent failure to meet the conditions that G-d declared. Foundation …

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2nd Temple Judaism & Jesus: an Attempt to Unite Noahic Peoples (70 Nations)

Let’s talk about how Jesus chose 70 & sent them, because (to the Hellenistic, 2nd Temple Jew) “the world” meant only the peoples, who descend from Noah, as defined by the ‘Table of (70) Nations’ found in the 1st Book of Moshe (ch. 10), which serves as Semitic origin myth. The 70 names... express symbolically …

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Real Talk: Authors of the Bible

No one (not even the best scholars) know with certainty who wrote the New Testament letters, just as we do not *know* who wrote the Gospels & the books of the Tanakh. All we have is “tradition” & lots of curators & editors, ranging roughly from the 500s BCE to 1500s CE. Also, said curators …

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Moon Worshippers Everywhere

Judaism is a monotheistic offshoot of Ur (Chaldean) pantheistic moon worship (Sīn). Tradition, not archaeological record, teach that around 1800 B.C.E., Abram lived in the plain of Shinar, at Ur. Also according to Hebrew tradition, Abram left his homeland and stayed a while in Haran (also a center of cult moon worship) before settling in …

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Thread by @jonsteingard on Evangelical Leaders’ Attacking the “Deconstruction Movement”

Thread by @jonsteingard: I’ve been noticing a lot more evangelical leaders commenting on (or outright attacking) the “deconstruction movement” recently. This is a movement I feel connected to, so I wanted to offer ...… — Read on threadreaderapp.com/thread/1385993752272019458.html

The Unrecognizable Jesus

Luke 24 presents the narrative of 2 disciples, walking a 7 mile journey from Jerusalem to Emmaus, on what may be the afternoon after Jesus' morning resurrection. We know the name of one of them---Cleopas. We do not know the name of the other. One could speculate the unnamed person is Luke, the author of …

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Meditations on Good Friday 2020

Jesus’ message was God wants worship free of —Monetization—Centralization—Politicization—Hierarchy—Obeiacance—Oath Making—Ritual Prayers & Giving and b/c this threatened both Judaism & Rome, they killed him.https://t.co/jO52OSIe41 — Lamb’s Harbinger (@LambsHarbinger) April 10, 2020 Jesus broke a whole bunch of 2nd Temple Jewish laws. Sure he fulfilled the Law & the Prophets, the chief commandment of which is …

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Heaven And Hell Are ‘Not What Jesus Preached,’ Religion Scholar Says : NPR

Bart Ehrman says the ideas of eternal rewards and punishments aren't found in the Old Testament or in the teachings of Jesus. His new book is Heaven and Hell: A History of the Afterlife. — Read on http://www.npr.org/2020/03/31/824479587/heaven-and-hell-are-not-what-jesus-preached-religion-scholar-says