Serious Questions on Ascension Day 2018

Today, many Christian faith groups celebrate the bodily ascension of Jesus to Heaven, 40 days after His having risen bodily from the grave and having taught his disciples about the Kingdom. The Cross, the Grave and the Ascension pose many questions for the serious Bible student. For example: Q: "Was Jesus separated from the Father …

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What Did Jesus Teach (about hell)?

The traditional view of hell rests on four pillars: that the OT says nothing; that the Jewish view at the time of Jesus was one of eternal conscious punishment; that Jesus’ view was thoroughly Jewish; and that the NT authors follow Jesus. The first pillar is wobbly; the OT does speak about the “end” of …

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3 Crucial Reasons Why Holding to PSA (Penal Substitution Atonement) is Legitimate

1. Only Exclusive PSA is Problematic Justice can be both restorative and retributive; these complementary aspects of authentic justice are not mutually exclusive. Rather, the two aspects belong together in order to comprise and demonstrate a well-rounded justice. Penal Substitution Atonement can harmoniously coexist with other Atonement views, such as Medical Substitution, Christus Victor, Aikido …

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Greg Boyd on Divine Wrath and the Penal Substitute View of Atonement

Please access the following articles: 10 Problems with the Penal Substitution View of the Atonement | Does Greg Boyd Accept Divine Wrath? | Patheos: Jesus Creed (Key Word search: Wrath) ______________________ OTHER RESOURCES: Gustaf Aulén's Christus Victor (Excerpt) What about God’s Wrath? | Escape to Reality What Provokes God’s Wrath?| Escape to Reality