Spiritual Training

For a heart-focused Christian discipleship that promotes brain science’s (psychology & neuroscience) role in building community, healing emotionally, breaking addictions and compulsions, maturing relationally & spiritually, and understanding personal spiritual warfare, as well as leading others through advanced spiritual matters (ex. sexual abuse, SRA survivors, DD, etc.):


For teachings on the Church being authentic to its Scriptural descriptions and prescriptions as a living organism, rather than an hierarchical organization or institution:

AND Frank Viola’s

AND Richard Jacobson’s

For training in Bible interpretation, especially regarding Bible backgrounds: i.e. ancient near east documents, cultures and languages; and biblical theology:

AND Arnold Fruchtenbaum’s

For views of the Atonement and of God’s Justice that present a responsible theodicy and refreshing Christian moral theology/ethic:


For a 20th–21st Century applied theological/philosophical expression of genuine Christianity:

AND Scot McKnight’s

For peer reviewed, published research on the harmony between Christianity’s Creationism and the evidence for evolution:


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