Lamb’s Harbinger’s Top 8 Spiritual Influencers

For a heart-focused discipleship that promotes brain science's role in building community, healing emotionally, breaking addictions and compulsions, maturing relationally & spiritually, and understanding personal spiritual warfare, as well as leading others through advanced spiritual matters (ex. SRA survivors, DD, etc.): For teachings on the Church being authentic to its Scriptural descriptions and prescriptions as a living …

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Q&A: “Ever wonder why God continues to punish us???”

(From a social media friend) Answer: That question assumes an awful lot, and it doesn’t offer any insight into what’s going on with your life. Still, I’ll try to give you what has helped me. 1. God is not the Creator of evil. 2. God’s initial design for us humans in this life was not …

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The Necessity of Meekness

Quite recently, a dear friend of mine posted the above article to social media. I like the article for its stance in the world of philosophy, or perhaps of its recognition of Kierkegaard's stance. I hope you'll read it before going further on in my response below. _________RESPONSE_________ Whereas Nietzsche saw the absurdity and futility …

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FaithLife Live with Dr. Michael Heiser

Live Recorded Video I personally pose a question about Babylon (as read in Revelation 17-18) at the 16:31 mark, which is answered beginning at 23:38 onward. For more resources from Dr. Heiser, click here: To watch Dr. Heiser in the Faithlife Original Film Aliens & Demons, start your free trial of Faithlife TV!