A Brief History of Fundamentalist Christianity in the USA

When we talk about the history of Fundamentalism & rightwing Politics, we have to go all the way back to the mid-to-late 1800s, when both Darwin’s theory of evolution AND the field of archaeology’s discoveries led to a controversy over the reliability of the Bible to give Western societies a proper account of humanity’s origins. …

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Catholic church spent ‘considerable’ amount lobbying to thwart sex abuse law changes: Report Index

The money was spent in states where some laws were being discussed or proposed that would make priests and the church liable for decades-old alleged abuse. — Read on abcnews.go.com/amp/US/catholic-church-lobbyists-spent-106m-fight-legal-efforts/story

Power, Deception, and the Church

Christendom, like all institutions when threatened, tries to protect itself. There continues to be a lot of headlines about Christian leaders and Christian systems that look nothing like our Lord. Christendom is not Christ. We must not be deceived.https://t.co/LnI2PGX1Ok— Diane Langberg, PhD (@DianeLangberg) May 22, 2019

An Anonymous IFB Pastor’s Response to “My Story”

Only a few days ago, I published My Story: Entrenchment in & Escape from an IFB Cult in an effort to allow others to find their voice and healing. I received a response from an IFB pastor (once connected to Falls Baptist Church and Baptist College of Ministry) regarding my story. The pastor denied me permission to …

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