One Nation Under God? The political power of Evangelicalism Registration, Wed, May 19, 2021 at 4:00 PM | Eventbrite

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The Eugenics Roots of Evangelical Family Values | Religion & Politics

Beth Moore is still making waves. On April 7, soon after announcing her departure from the Southern Baptist Convention, she took to Twitter to proclaim complementarianism “a doctrine of MAN” and to beg forgiveness for supporting the theology of male headship. “I could not … — Read on

Amazing Books by Academics Holding American Christianity Accountable

At times I even think that these authors represent a new class of individuals driving our theological conversation forward, even though they are mostly historians, sociologists, researchers, and journalists. Or prophets? — Read on

Prof @AntheaButler on the MOVE Bombing, Penn Museum, Morton Cranium Collection and Racist Polygenesis Belief

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The Reactionary Entrepreneurship of White Evangelicalism: Will America Become a Religious Regime? | Gerardo Martí

Gerardo Martí explores political and economic factors leading to the rise of white Christian nationalism in the United States, arguing it is unlikely the future of this brand of U.S. evangelicalism will continue unabated due to political and organizational limits. — Read on