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Thread by @RNS: . @AP has called the #election for @JoeBiden. Be sure to read our piece here: Joe Biden’s Catholic politics are complicated, but deeply American.… @AP @JoeBiden Be sur...… — Read on

Evolution, Apocalypse, and Remembering Rachel Held Evans | Evolving Faith

Well, our podcast launched today and we are already number one in Religion and Spirituality! 🥳 That is all thanks to you, friends - so grateful for your generosity and reviews, support and subscribes! It has made our day.— Evolving Faith (@EvolvFaith) June 24, 2020 link:

Conservative Evangelicals Attempt to Disentangle Their Faith from Trumpism | The New Yorker

Karen Swallow Prior stands at the vanguard of a new movement of Christians looking to reclaim their faith from the regressive politics that have co-opted it. — Read on

Q&A: Do You Believe in God? Why?

Yes, b/c I interpret science & math (ex. DNA’s information storage ability, quantum theory, dimensions, Fibonacci sequence) as evidence that feeds a transrational knowledge. While I’m intellectually agnostic, I‘m compelled to reject atheism’s metaphysic, b/c it’s insufficient. — Lamb’s Harbinger (@LambsHarbinger) April 27, 2020 If that is a rational concession, then to be intellectually honest, …

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The Unrecognizable Jesus

Luke 24 presents the narrative of 2 disciples, walking a 7 mile journey from Jerusalem to Emmaus, on what may be the afternoon after Jesus' morning resurrection. We know the name of one of them---Cleopas. We do not know the name of the other. One could speculate the unnamed person is Luke, the author of …

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5 Major Reasons I Still Believe Jesus

I accept the gospels, not b/c of their inerrancy, but b/c of their having been received/approved by a community as accurate to their accounts, which accounts undermined the Roman Empire & 2nd Temple Judaism. I believe it just as I believe indigenous history v. USA’s version. — Lamb's Harbinger (aka @OtterFella) (@LambsHarbinger) October 24, 2019 …

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Major Tenets of Faith for 1st Century Followers of “That Way”

So, according to that: —Jesus is G-d (YHWH) —Jesus atoned for Jews’ atrocities —All other gods are also defeated in Jesus’ death & resurrection —Jesus atoned for our evils against one another & nature —No national/ethnic boundaries —No class separation —No Roman rule —No Temple — Lamb's Harbinger (@LambsHarbinger) September 29, 2019 In fact, in …

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