Rick Perry Labels DJT “the Chosen One”

Fox & Friends preview an interview with Rick Perry, where he says that Trump is "the chosen one" and "sent by God to do great things" Pete Hegseth: "God has used imperfect people forever," but what Trump "has withstood is unlike what really any other mortal could understand" pic.twitter.com/ITDAErMJiN — Courtney Hagle (@CourtneyHagle) November 24, …

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Stephen Miller’s Affinity for White Nationalism Revealed in Leaked Emails | Southern Poverty Law Center

In the run-up to the 2016 election, White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller promoted white nationalist literature, pushed racist immigration stories and obsessed over the loss of Confederate symbols after Dylann Roof’s murderous rampage, according to leaked emails reviewed by Hatewatch. — Read on http://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/2019/11/12/stephen-millers-affinity-white-nationalism-revealed-leaked-emails

More News About Project Blitz

Project Blitz is a secretive state legislative project of the Christian Right. Opposition has been rising ever since I exposed it last year at Religion Dispatches/Rewire. Opposition has prominently included Americans United for Separation of Church and... — Read on m.dailykos.com/stories/2019/9/26/1888188/-More-News-About-Project-Blitz

Dominionism Rising: A Theocratic Movement Hiding in Plain Sight | Political Research Associates

Dominionism Rising: A Theocratic Movement Hiding in Plain Sight | Political Research Associates — Read on http://www.politicalresearch.org/2016/08/18/dominionism-rising-a-theocratic-movement-hiding-in-plain-sight/

Ringing in a Christian Nationalist 2019 With an Even Larger Legislative Playbook – Rewire.News – Religion Dispatches

A Christian nationalist coalition, including the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation, has published a new state legislative playbook for 2019 that's 30 percent larger, and 100 percent as committed to a nation that reflects its sectarian values. — Read on rewire.news/religion-dispatches/2018/12/18/ringing-in-a-christian-nationalist-2019-with-an-even-larger-legislative-playbook/

Christian nationalists are trying to seize power — but progressives have a plan to fight back | Salon.com

"Project Blitz" unveiled: Here's the long-term plan aimed at maximizing the Christian right's power and influence — Read on http://www.salon.com/2018/12/16/christian-nationalists-are-trying-to-seize-power-but-progressives-have-a-plan-to-fight-back/

How, When and Why Christian Dominionists (Christofascists) Bulldogged American Politics

Media went with 'soccer mom' most people had no idea she was '#WhiteEvangelical mom' https://t.co/hr1oKMbXRJ — Reader Adrift (@ReaderAdrift) November 7, 2018 And wrt this current administration. Media went with 'economic populism' Not #ChristianNationalism https://t.co/6xy4YQyp9i — Reader Adrift (@ReaderAdrift) November 7, 2018 Here's the Washington Post's religion writer poo pooing coverage of Dominionism as 'overhyped'. …

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