One Nation Under God? The political power of Evangelicalism Registration, Wed, May 19, 2021 at 4:00 PM | Eventbrite

Eventbrite - AMERICAN EXPERIENCE on PBS presents One Nation Under God? The political power of Evangelicalism - Wednesday, May 19, 2021 - Find event and registration information. — Read on

Thread by @FredClarkson on the Agenda of Christian Nationalists & Dominionists (ex. Ted Cruz) – Thread Reader App

Thread by @FredClarkson: In which the Christian nationalist and Dominionist agenda is described.… — a conviction that Christians are called by God to exercise dominion over every aspect of soc...… — Read on

Eric Metaxas and the losing of the evangelical mind

(RNS) — Christians can’t wait for the sociologists to sort out why our fellow congregants believe in ‘Q’ or that Trump won the election. We need a strategy to restore a few basic truths. — Read on

Thread by @RNS on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App

Thread by @RNS: . @AP has called the #election for @JoeBiden. Be sure to read our piece here: Joe Biden’s Catholic politics are complicated, but deeply American.… @AP @JoeBiden Be sur...… — Read on

Our Present Turmoil

My family member(s) on the current societal turmoil: “some people think we [whites] paid our debt by blood in the civil war.” Me: “ya, but others kept saying “the South will rise again,” and their descendants & loyalists wormed their way into police forces & elected office.” One of the major ways the “Southern” traitors …

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Conservative Evangelicals Attempt to Disentangle Their Faith from Trumpism | The New Yorker

Karen Swallow Prior stands at the vanguard of a new movement of Christians looking to reclaim their faith from the regressive politics that have co-opted it. — Read on