Rev. Barber: ‘Systemic racism is choking the life out of American democracy’

(RNS) — In a Pentecost Sunday address, he referred to the protests wracking the country as “the inevitable reflex of a people who cannot breathe because their life is being systematically snuffed out.” — Read on

Does Culture Alter Predisposition?

I view the wealth of the USA (even in its currently dilapidated state) as a world anomaly. I remember at age 24/25 (2007), it set in on me as a hard and unshakable reality that American life is not the norm in the vast majority of the world. When I started to think in those …

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Breaking Silence on Indiana’s Racism

[Last updated February 28, 2017] By his stunning testimonial and through his much scorned confessions of Germany's Holocaust guilt, Martin Niemöller vividly illustrated that members of society must not only watch out for one another but also speak out, if we would remain blameless. That was 1946. Then, April 4, 1967, in a speech titled Beyond Vietnam: A Time to …

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