A Response to @andrewjasko’s “Jesus Calls Christians to Leave Christianity.”

A response to @andrewjasko’s “Jesus Calls Christians to Leave Christianity.” [Thread] https://t.co/kwonmOgnUI — Lamb's Harbinger (@LambsHarbinger) May 31, 2019 Andrew Jasko's article HERE 1/ Jasko is plain w/ his aim in the article’s title. He proposes a leaving and a joining. He wants Christians to reject a static, error-riddled, broken system of dogmatic (institutionalized) Christianity, …

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Q&A: How Do We Avoid the Draw toward Toxic Power, to Institutionalize Egalitarian, Organic Faith Community?

Another way of asking thos question is, “What does egalitarian, organic faith community even function; and how do we keep it that Non-institutional?” “I was involved in a study group for about 15 yrs and one rule we had was everyone at the meeting was equal and not welcome if they felt they had to […]

Unchurching Resources | Richard Jacobson

"Right now, millions of believers are leaving the organized church[es], without abandoning their faith." WEBSITE Unchurching.com BOOK Unchurching by Richard Jacobson FACEBOOK GROUP (Click Image) Welcome to the Unchurching Facebook group, a discussion group for Christians who love Jesus, but are done with organized church. Our conversations center around three main topics: • How Christ …

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